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Closed Tenders / Expressions of Interest

Tender No. Tender Details Application Package Closing Date
SBRC-20/21-08 Lease for the management and operation of Ringsfield    4pm Friday 20 November 2020
SBRC-20/21-07 Sale of Rhodes Grass Hay   4pm Wednesday 11 November 2020
SBRC-20/21-06 Lease of land to develop and operate a fuel outlet LG Tenderbox 4pm Wednesday 11 November 2020
SBRCEOI 20/21-01 Provision of Health Care Services for Council   4pm Tuesday 20 October 2020
SBRC 17/18, 19, 23 Refresh of Registers of Prequalified Supplier Panels for Wet Hire, Dry Hire and Road & Quarry Materials LG Tenderbox 2pm Tuesday 20 October 2020
SBRCQ-20/21-63 Kingaroy Transformation Project Dilapidation Report LG Tenderbox 2pm Friday 16 October 2020
SBRCQ 20/21-46 Cleaner for Murgon & Wondai Visitor Information Centres   Friday 9 October 2020
SBRCQ 20/21-45 Supply of Computers LG Tenderbox 2pm Tuesday 6 October 2020
SBRC 20/21-05 Kingaroy Sewer Renewals 2020-2021 LG Tenderbox 4pm Tuesday 6 October 2020
SBRCQ 20/21-31 New Firewall Hardware LG Tenderbox 2pm Tuesday 8 September 2020
SBRC 19/20-11 Sale of Coolabunia Saleyards LG Tenderbox 5pm Thursday 10 September 2020
SBRC 20/21-04 Management and Operation of the South Burnett Aquatic Centre LG Tenderbox 2pm Thursday 3 September 2020
SBRC 20/21-01 Disposal of Dwelling - 41 Macalister Street Murgon LG Tenderbox 5pm Thursday 27 August 2020
SBRC 20/21-02 Disposal of Shed - 6 Macalister Street Murgon LG Tenderbox 5pm Thursday 27 August 2020
SBRC 20/21-03 Disposal of Residential Property - 20 William Street Kingaroy LG Tenderbox 5pm Thursday 27 August 2020
SBRCQ - 20/21-04

Water Meter Renewal Program

Council is requesting quotes to supply a large volume of water meters for a Captital Works project - Meter renewal program.

LG Tenderbox 2pm Monday 10 August 2020
SBRC 19/20-10

Property Management Service for Nanango Housing and Unit Complexes

Council is seeking a suitably qualified and licenced Property Management team located in the town of Nanango to manage the Council’s portfolio of residential properties located in Nanango on a daily basis, this service will also include all advice and expertise relating to managing the portfolio.

LG Tenderbox 4pm Monday 20 July 2020
SBRC 19/20-09 Sale of Rhodes Grass Hay SBRC 19/20-09 Tender Package 4pm Friday 10 July 2020

Park Manager

For information on how to submit an
Expression of Interest please click the link below:

(1) Park Manager - Boondooma Caravan & Recreation Park

(1) Park Manager - Yallakool Caravan & Recreation Park

(1) Relief Manager - Boondooma Caravan & Recreation Park/Yallakool

Expression of Interest 12:00pm Friday,
3 July 2020
SBRCQ-19/20-64 invitation to Quote - Suitably qualified and insured Private Building Certifier Closed Closed
SBRC 18/19-15 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Civil Works Closed Closed
SBRC 18/19-14 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Traffic Management Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-24 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Pest Management Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-22 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Electrical Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-21 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Trade Services Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI)  One (1) Dexter Cow Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI) One (1) Murray Grey Cross Cow Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI) One (1) Bull Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI) Fourteen (14) head of Cattle Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI) Ten (10) Head of Cattle Closed Closed
SBRC-19/20-04 Power System Analysis and Protection Coordination - Switchboards Closed Closed
SBRC-19/20-05 Sale of Oaten Hay Closed Closed
SBRCQ-19/20-24 Supervision of Timber Towns (Blackbutt/Benarkin) Waste Facility Closed Closed
SBRCQ-19/20-25 Purchase of and Removal of Scrap Metal Resource from various Council Facilities Closed Closed
SBRCQ-19/20-28 Supervision of Wattlecamp Waste Facility Closed Closed
SBRCQ-19/20-19 Agenda Management Software Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-18 Pre- Qualified Supplier Panel - Dry Hire Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-19 Pre- Qualified Supplier Panel - Wet Hire Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-23 Pre- Qualified Supplier Panel - Road & Quarry Materials Closed Closed
SBRC-19/20-01 Land for Sale for Economic Development at Kemp Street, Wondai Industrial Area Closed Closed
SBRC-19/20-02 Sale of Land at 12 William Street, Hivesville Closed Closed
SBRC-18/19-20 Management Services Kingaroy, Wondai and Murgon Swimming Pools Closed Closed
SBRC-18/19-19 Sale of 173 Bales of Rhodes Grass Hay Closed Closed
SBRC - 18/19-18 Cleaning of Council Buildings and Facilities in Wondai and MurgonLG Tenderbox Closed Closed
SBRC 18/19-16 Lease of Vacant Land - Part of 75 Macalister Street Murgon - Lot 3 on SP119874 Closed Closed
SBRCQ 18/19-44 Construct road widening, stormwater drainage and minor concrete works - Siefert Street, Crawford Closed Closed
SBRC 18/19-12 Kingaroy Water Main Replacement Program Closed Closed
SBRC-18/19-13 Request for Tender - Wondai Railway Station Building - Commercial Lease Closed Closed
SBRCQ-18/19-43 Cleaning of Council Buildings/Public Conveniences - Maidenwell Closed Closed
SBRC-18/19-11 Provision and Operation of Animal (Cats and Dogs) Housing Facility Closed Closed
SBRC18/19-09 Supervision of Murgon and Wondai Waste Facilities Closed Closed
SBRC-18/19-10 Cleaning of Council Buildings/Facilities Kingaroy Closed Closed
Pre Qualified Suppliers - Trade Services Closed Closed
Pre Qualified Suppliers - Electrical Closed Closed
Pre Qualified Suppliers - Pest Management Closed Closed
SBRCQ-18/19-41 To Provide Management Services for the Proston Swimming Pool Closed Closed
SBRC 18/19-07 Bob Morgan Bridge, Stonelands Road Closed Closed
SBRCQ-18/19-30 Ringsfield House & Heritage Museum Gardener Closed Closed
SBRCQ 18/19-29 Broad Creek Floodway Reconstruction Closed Closed
SBRC-18/19-04 Delivery of Pest Management Services Closed Closed
SBRC- 18/19-18 Pre Qualified Suppliers Dry Hire Closed Closed
SBRC- 18/19-19 Pre Qualified Suppliers Wet Hire Closed Closed
SBRC 18/19-05 SBRC 2018/19 Bitumen Seal Closed Closed
01/2018 Operate a Recycle Shop in Kingaroy in conjunction with the Kingaroy Transfer Station Closed Closed
SBRC 18/19-03 Supply and Deliver of Quarry Materials Closed Closed
SBRCQ-18/19-12 12 Month Management Agreement for Kingaroy WJ Lang Swimming Pool Closed Closed
SBRCQ-18/19-13 12 Month Management Agreement for Wondai Swimming Pool Closed Closed
SBRCQ-18/19-14 12 Month Management Agreement for Murgon Jubilee Swimming Pool Closed Closed

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