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Kingaroy airport is a certified airport with bi-weekly  serviceability inspections completed. Pilots are advised to check NOTAMs issued for the airport prior to arrival or departure.

The ERSA can be downloaded here.

CTAF 127.45

PAL 119.6

Air-side vehicle control

To access air-side of the Kingaroy airport Council requires application to be made to the Aerodrome Co-ordinator by email

The CEO or delegate will assess the need for an individual to be granted authorised access to drive air-side at the airport.

An application form can be downloaded here.

Prior to any driver being authorised they will be trained in the proper procedures for operating a vehicle airside and given a copy of 9.0 Airside vehicle control.

As Kingaroy Aerodrome does not have scheduled air transport operations, drivers not under escort, and who are operating a vehicle airside, are trained, and inducted to -

  • Hold an appropriate licence to operate the vehicle or equipment.
  • Understand the terminology used to describe the movement area.
  • Understand the purpose and location of all airside areas.
  • Understand hazardous or prohibited areas on the airside.
  • Understand the significance of Aerodrome signs and markings and
  • Where appropriate, be competent in the use of radio communications equipment and understand radio instructions.

The Induction includes direct instruction by the ARO which may involve a drive within the airside or an escorted drive.

Vehicles operating air-side must:

  • Hold current State registration confirming they are maintained in a roadworthy condition
  • Evidence that vehicles comply with lighting and radio requirements (as applicable)
  • A certificate of insurance with valid cover for the use of the vehicle within the air-side area of the aerodrome.

Aerodrome Reporting Officers can at any time inspect, or require an inspection be carried out on any vehicle or ground equipment that is operating airside.

If an inspection identifies an unsafe condition that may create a hazard to aviation safety, the vehicle can be denied access.

Download - 9.0 Airside Vehicle Control

For more information on this process and to discuss your application please contact Council’s Co-ordinator of Commercial Enterprises on (07) 41 899 100 or email


Wondai Proston Road Wondai

Wondai airport is an uncertified airport with fortnightly serviceability inspections completed. Pilots are advised to contact Council prior to utilising the airport.

The ERSA can be downloaded here.

CTAF 126.7

Aerodrome and Approach lighting:

PAL 122.3 (PAL is activated using three times in two to four SEC pulses WI a 24SEC period)


Nanango airport is a uncertified airport with no regular serviceability inspections.

The ERSA can be downloaded here.

Runway 05/23 at the Nanango Aerodrome has reduced in length as a result of obstacles in the approach paths.

The following new declared distances now apply:

05(TKOF) 850 850 (5.4%) 850 850
23(TKOF) 850 850 (7.10%) 850 850

Physical Characteristics: MTOW 5700KG when dry. AD closed when wet.


Additional Information

1.Pilots to be familiar with aerodrome information advised on Council website and Facebook page, prior to operating into AD.

a. Runway length.

b. Approach and take-off gradients.

c. Applicable STODA

d. Hazards or works.

2.Bird hazard may exist, pilots to request hazard information by contacting council prior to operating into ALA.

WAC 3340

For all enquiries, please contact Council's Customer Service Centres on (07) 4189 9100.


Aerodrome Address General Information Aviation Related Services
Nanango Aerodrome (ALA) Racecourse Road, Nanango
  • 2 km from Nanango
  • 200 km North-West from Brisbane
  • Grass Runway
Kingaroy Airport - YKRY Warren Truss Drive, Kingaroy
  • 4 km South of Kingaroy
  • 1600m bitumen sealed main runway
  • 1432m grass secondary runway
  • 225 km North-West from Brisbane
  • Located 55 km from the scenic Bunya Mountains
  • Available industrial land
  • Home of the Whitney Boomerang
  • Major gliding facility
  • NBD and Pilot Activated Lighting System
  • Accommodates up to and including EMBRAER 170/190 aircraft
  • Automatic aircraft refueling facility
Wondai Aerodrome Wondai Proston Road, Wondai
  • 6 km north of Wondai
  • 256 km North-West from Brisbane
  • Constructed grass runway
  • Gliding operations
  • Available industrial land
  • Pilot Activated Lighting System
  • Aircraft refueling available