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Overgrown Properities

Council’s Local Law No 3 Community and Environmental Management 2011, requires property owners to keep their allotments free from overgrown vegetation and any accumulation of objects and materials. If not maintained, the property can become

  • unsightly,
  • seriously affected the visual amenity of the allotment,
  • a potential health hazard,
  • likely to attract or harbour reptiles.

If a property is Council owned, the responsible department will organise the maintenance of the property. If the property is owned by a state department a letter will be sent to the responsible department to notify that the property requires maintenance.

Concerns about rural allotments being a fire hazard

Council Officers do not have authority to determine if a property poses a Fire Risk. If you are worried about a neighbouring block causing a Fire Hazard you should contact the Rural Fire Service.

Other Legislation

  • Public Health Act – public health risks i.e. vermin and mosquitoes. A property owner or occupier could be issued a Public Health Notice or further compliance action under the State Public Health Act.
  • Environmental Protection Act – environmental pollution.If the items stored on the land are causing environmental harm to the property or area further action could be undertaken under the State Legislation.

Make a report of an Overgrown Allotment

You can lodge a service request with Council regarding an overgrown property by phoning (07) 4189 9100 or email

Where a property is overgrown customers should contact Council with the following details:

  • address of the property
  • provide a description of the excess (ie grass, rubbish, household goods)
  • describe the amount of excess (i.e if vegetation - height, if rubbish - quantity)
  • is the property occupied or unoccupied
  • where on the property is the problem occurring (i.e front yard, back yard, side)
  • have you seen pests (snakes) on this property