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Stray & Roaming Animals

Stray and Roaming Animals

Wandering pets and livestock can cause a danger to motorists as well as property owners and the general public. You may also be held legally liable for incidents or accidents caused by your animal while it is wandering.

As the owner of an animal, you have a responsibility to keep your animal contained inside your property, which means you need to have fencing that your animal can’t jump over, dig under, push over or get through.

Wandering Livestock

For Livestock enquiries, including lost, found and wandering livestock please view Council's Livestock Services page

Wandering Dogs

Dogs wandering at large may become lost, injured by traffic, contribute to a car accident or be involved in a dog attack. It is important that all dog owners ensure that their dog is securely confined to their property.

Dogs found to be wandering may be picked up by Council. When stray dogs are seized, Council will do their best to locate the owner. Fines may apply for animals impounded by Council.

Wandering Animals Causing Nuisance

If you have an animal wandering at large in your area, then please contact Council on (07) 4189 9100 to report the nuisance.

Missing dog or cat

If you are missing a dog or cat view the Lost, Found and Impounded Animals

Found animals

If you have found someone's pet or animal roaming then, view the Lost, Found and Impounded Animals

If you see an aggressive dog, do not approach it – contact Council immediately on phone (07) 4189 9100.

Animal Nuisance Forms

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