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Asset Management Plans

The Asset Management Plans have been developed to assist Council with balancing the financial, operational and risk constraints on the delivery of services to the community. The Asset Management Plans cover the following items around delivering outcomes for the community:

  • Financial planning and management
  • Service planning and management
  • Asset planning and management
  • Data and information management

The various asset plans set out to demonstrate that Council is at or approaching a ‘Core’ status in asset management maturity for the various asset classes. The below Asset Management Plans were adopted at Ordinary General Meeting of Council on Wednesday 17 June 2020:

  • Transport Asset Management Plan
  • Building Asset Management Plan
  • NRM and Parks Asset Management Plan
  • Waste Asset Management Plan
  • Wastewater Asset Management Plan
  • Water Asset Management Plan

Please use links below to download Council’s Asset Management Plans:

# Name Size Download