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Development Assessment Rules

From 3 July 2017, Queensland will operate under new Planning Legislation.

The Planning Act will create a contemporary legislative framework for delivering planning and development in Queensland.

The new planning laws will provide for various elements of this system, including development assessment. The new development assessment system will build upon the foundational elements of IDAS and provide a more user-friendly, efficient, transparent and accountable development assessment system.

The Planning Act will not set out the development assessment process but rather establish the process to be set out in a separate statutory instrument called the Development Assessment Rules (DA Rules). This is one of the key changes to the new development assessment system. Removing the process from the principal legislation will create a development assessment system that can be more responsive to contemporary or emerging circumstances.

The DA Rules process involves five stages:

  1. Application part
  2. Referral part
  3. Information request part
  4. Public notification part
  5. Decision part

Statutory Instruments, Supporting Information and Development Assessment Flow Charts can be found on the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning Website under Planning Resources.