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Services Provided

South Burnett Regional Council Works Branch offers numerous services as listed below:

  • Maintain Councils 3200 km of roads, pathways, drainage structures and bridges including:
    • Patching potholes on sealed roads;
    • Shoulder repairs on sealed roads;
    • Grading and gravelling unsealed roads;
    • Resealing sealed roads as required to prevent further potholing;
    • Slashing road shoulders;
    • Sweeping urban streets;
    • Removing fallen trees and branches off roadways and footpaths;
    • Repairing scours along and across roadways;
    • Install and maintain road signage and linemarking for road safety
  • Construct road, drainage and footpath projects listed in Council's annual capital program.
  • Maintains state controlled roads within the region as a contractor to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  • Install rural address numbers to properties outside of urban areas.


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