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Public Health

People’s health can be impacted by many things in the environment. The Queensland Public Health Act 2005 provides legislation where the local authority has powers to investigate and undertake compliance action if a Public Health Risk has been identified.

Council only has jurisdiction to act on certain public health risk issues, and share the responsibility with other government agencies including Queensland Health and Work Safe.

Examples of a Public Health Risk include:

If you have a problem with an issue, always attempt to discuss the matter directly with the person responsible for the nuisance in order to rectify and achieve a suitable solution.  Please give reasonable timeframes for action to be undertaken.

Lodge a Customer Service Request

If the matter continues it then may be necessary for you to contact the relevant department to take further action. To lodge a Customer Service Request

The following table provides a guide on the type of Public Health Risk and which department investigates these matters. Please follow the relevant links:

Public Health Risk

Description of Nuisance

Regulatory Authority

Mosquitoes Biting or Breeding or Disease concerns on council land, residential and some commercial land. Council
Phone (07) 4189 9100
Vermin Breeding or potential for breeding on council land, residential land some commercial land Council
Phone (07) 4189 9100
Asbestos Asbestos at a workplace Work Safe Qld
1300 362 128

Homeowner carrying out works at home on asbestos material

Phone (07) 4189 9100
Tank Water Health concerns about non-reticulated water for example Tank Water. Council
Phone (07) 4189 9100
Lead Occurring at a Workplace

Work Safe Qld
1300 362 128

  Occurring at a non-workplace i.e. home owner undertaking works at home Queensland Health
Phone (07) 3234 0111
Waste Accumulation or deposit on land. Council
Phone (07) 4189 9100
Waste Water Wastewater or sewage release on a property. Council
Phone (07) 4189 9100