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Business Continuity and Recovery Plan

Objectives of the Plan

The objective of this Business Continuity and Recovery Plan is to provide a readily accessible and useable document which enables South Burnett Regional Council to:

  • Facilitate a first response to an event which significantly disrupts the organisation's operations;
  • Follow an agreed and systematic approach for the ongoing management of such an event;
  • Implement procedures to maintain essential services through the recovery period;
  • Re-establish services and operations as quickly and efficiently as possible;
  • Minimise the effect on the community, Staff, clients, organisation operations and contracts;
  • Identify the critical aspects of Council services which may be exposed to risk of disruption;
  • Define actions which will minimise loss or damage should an event occur;
  • Adopt strategies to maintain Council services through periods of disruption to various locations including Information Technology/Communications Sites;
  • Recover lost equipment and facilities as soon as possible;
  • Ensure that insurance claims are properly lodged with Local Government Mutual; and
  • Review of this plan on an annual basis by the Business Continuity Team.

Business Continuity and Recovery Plan

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