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Volunteering for Council

About Volunteering

Whether you’re an experienced volunteer or someone who’s just starting out… you can get involved, get connected, get an experience – create and influence the community you live in!

Volunteers contribute enormously to the success of various functions of Council. Without their generosity, our range of services offered in these areas would be limited and we offer our thanks for their community spirit. 

There are a number of volunteers contributing to the operations of Council including the Visitor Information Centres, Museums and Library services. Many of our volunteers have lived in the South Burnett their entire lives and their local knowledge is invaluable.

No matter where you’re from or what skills you have, if you have a desire and enthusiasm to help, are thinking about returning to the workforce, or perhaps even would just like to get out of the house for a few hours, perhaps volunteering is for you! Volunteering gives you an opportunity to give back to the community while building upon your own self development.

  • Although volunteering has a significant and positive impact on our local community, it also can have many benefits for you too. 
    If you’re wondering why you should volunteer look at some of the following reasons. Volunteering allows you to:

    • learn or develop new skills;
    • engage and be a part of our community;
    • be motivated and have a sesnse of achievement and accomplishment;
    • increase your career options and explore new opportunities;
    • develop new interests and hobbies;
    • experience something new and exciting;
    • meeting a diverse range of people and make friends; and
    • most importantly, have fun!
  • Volunteering is for everybody, regardless of your age. 
    Council’s oldest volunteer is over 80 years of age, with the youngest being just 18. Everybody can volunteer, if you’re an eager young student, a mother wanting a couple of hours out of the house while the kids are at school, looking to spice up your retirement or simply need some respite from your day to day routine. You can do yourself a favour by doing someone else one.

  • This is really up to you, however Council does ask all Volunteers to make a commitment of a twelve month period.  As a guide only, the weekly commitment for community volunteers will generally be four hours per week and one weekend shift per month.

  • Almost anything.....

    From helping out with the day to day operations of the Centre, to speaking with customers and helping visitors on their holidays. Key duties include providing residents and visitors with details of key tourist attractions within the region, local history and information on Council’s facilities and local tourist venues. The opportunities are endless and can be tailored to your individual skill set. All volunteer contributions are a valuable resource in ensuring the history and beauty of our unique region continues to grow.

  • Council offers a number of different training opportunities. Most training is conducted on the job, concentrating on areas including customer service skills, knowledge of available print materials, basic computer training and telephone etiquette.
    As a volunteer in one of our centres, your primary role is to provide information to residents and visitors of the South Burnett Region, encouraging them to enjoy our attractions and features, and most importantly, leave the region with a positive impression. 
    Council is committed to supporting our volunteers. A popular training activity includes a number of free Familiarisation Trips held throughout the year. These trips provide an opportunity for the volunteers to visit various local tourist locations and experience what these locations have to offer. By being involved in these trips, our volunteers are able to share their experiences with our visitors.

  • Council recognises the dedication and commitment that all volunteers give to the community through their support for the various functions of Council. Council appreciates the time volunteers provide and continues to acknowledge and encourage their endless community service by inviting all volunteers to a number of morning teas, lunches, ceremonies and Christmas celebrations specifically organised to thank them for their contributions.

  • You can volunteer at any time by contacting the Team Leader at one of our facilities as listed below or visiting your local facility:

    • Art Galleries - Phone: Kingaroy 4189 9323  / Wondai 4168 5926
    • Libaries - Phone: 4189 9256
    • Museums -Phone: Kingaroy 4189 9151 / Wondai 4189 9318
    • Blackbutt Visitor Information Centre - Les Muller Park, D’Aguilar Highway, Blackbutt Phone: 4189 9236
    • Kingaroy Information, Art & Heritage Precinct - 128 Haly Street, Kingaroy  Phone: 4189 9172, 
    • South Burnett Energy & Visitor Information Centre - Henry Street, Nanango - Phone: 4189 9446
    • Murgon Visitor Information Centre - Lamb Street, Murgon - Phone: 4189 9387
    • Wondai Timber Museum & Information Centre - 80 Haly Street, Wondai - Phone: 4189 9251
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