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Water Saving Hints

ImageThe main water supply dams in the South Burnett Region are at low levels and we can’t rely on rainfall to provide us with a never-ending supply of water. It’s important to reduce water consumption and use water efficiently.

Teeth brushing


Inside the house:

  • Turn the tap off while you clean your teeth, shave, or soap up before washing your hands and save up to 9L a minute.
  • Take 4 minute showers. Cutting your shower time from 7 to 4 minutes will save up to 36L of water.
  • When rinsing dishes part-fill the sink instead of running the water.
  • Select water-efficient appliances when replacing any that use water.
  • Wash clothes when you have a full load.

Outside the house:

  • Sweep paved areas, driveways and paths with a broom.
  • Choose native trees and shrubs.
  • Mulch garden beds to reduce water loss.
  • Set your lawn mower’s cutting height to 3cms or higher. This will reduce the amount of water your grass will need.
  • Check your home for leaking water:
  • Check plumbing fixtures for drips or leaks. A dripping tap can waste more than 200L of water per day.

Test your property for leaking pipes:

  • Wear gloves - meter covers and boxes can be a haven for spiders and snakes.
  • Do not allow unsupervised children to touch water meter covers or boxes.
  • Make sure you have checked all of the water fixtures in your home for leaks or faulty connections.
  • Take a water meter reading by writing down the black and red digits from left to right (black digits are kilolitres used).
  • Don’t use any water on the premises (including flushing the toilet) for at least 1 hour and then take another reading.
  • If the meter reading has changed, there may be a leak in an underground pipe.