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Restricted Animals

Council in conjunction with Biosecurity Queensland are participating in Coordinated Wild Dog and Pig Baiting Programs. Wild Dogs and Pigs can have a significant financial impact on land holders income and resources from loss of livestock, crops and attacks on domestic pets. They also impact on our environment and native fauna. Landholders have both a good neighbour and legislative responsibility to control declared pests on their land and participation in this program is an effective way to help meet this responsibility.

Council implements and coordinates feral animal control across the region. Many landholders are participating in coordinated wild dog and rabbit control programs including baiting and trapping pests. Landowners are encouraged to contact Council Pest Management staff to;

  1. Book 1080 batting programs
  2. Hire Cat, Rabbit, Wild Dog or Feral Pig traps

Please contact Council's Stock Route & Pest Officer on (07) 4189 9100 to register your interest in the next Wild Dog and Pig Baiting Program.

All participants must register their intention to conduct baiting and allow sufficient time to receive a baiting information pack and ensure all notification and administrative requirements are met prior to attending the baiting station.

Protection of Domestic and Working Dogs

Owners of domestic and working dogs are advised to restrain and/or muzzle their dogs during the baiting program to minimise the risk of dogs wandering and coming into contact with poison baits.

Next Baiting Round

For further information and to register your intention of attending a baiting station please contact Council’s Stock Route and Pest Officer on (07) 4189 9100

All participants must register their intention to conduct baiting.

Restricted Animal Fact Sheets

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