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Abandoned Vehicles

It is an offence to leave a vehicle, including a car, truck, motorbike or caravan on the roadway or footpath once the vehicle registration has expired. The vehicle should be relocated onto private property to avoid an infringement and the possible removal of the vehicle by South Burnett Regional Council.

For vehicles believed to be abandoned, Council must follow a legal process before the vehicle can be removed from the roadway or footpath. During this time, the vehicle is inspected and surrounding properties checked to see if an owner can be located. Registration checks may also be performed to help locate the owner. Only after these checks are performed, and if no owner has claimed the vehicle, will it be removed.

If the vehicle is parked in an unsafe location the vehicle may be removed immediately to a holding compound.

What happens to an impounded vehicle?

If your vehicle is impounded by Council you may be required to pay holding and release fees.

In accordance with the Transport Operations (Road Use Management - Road Rules) Act 1995, if a vehicle is not reclaimed the Council can dispose of the vehicle, i.e. auction.

Make a report of an Abandoned Vehicle

You can lodge a service request with Council regarding an abandoned vehicle by phoning (07) 4189 9100 or email

If you believe your vehicle has been removed by Council, please phone (07) 4189 9100.