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Arts, Culture and Heritage

As a Council, our role is to provide leadership through advocacy, promotion and development maintenance of the region’s arts, cultural and heritage resources.

From the mountain peaks to the waters deep, the South Burnett is an untapped natural wonderland. Our local stories, history, creativity, landscape and cultural heritage are just some of the key strengths of the region which continue to make it a popular destination for visitors and new residents. Our local stories, history, cultural heritage, and creativity are fundamental strengths that continue to attract visitors and enrich the lives of those who call this region home. By recognizing and celebrating these assets, we ensure that the South Burnett remains a vibrant and sought-after destination. Join us on journey to uphold and celebrate the arts, culture, and heritage that make the South Burnett truly special. 

On the 15 May the South Burnett Regional Council adopted the SBRC ACH Strategic Plan available here.

Council has setup an Advisory Committee (the Committee) to support the regional arts, culture and heritage activity in the South Burnett region. More information is available here.


Arts means the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination in all art forms, such as visual arts, crafts, music, theatre, entertainment, community festivals and events, cultural traditions, and designs for public spaces. Art includes hand-made or natural objects that have aesthetic value or express symbolic meaning. For inclusions refer to the Australia Bureau of Statistics categories of ‘arts’ (Arts Nation - An overview of Australian Arts - Technical Appendix 2015 Edition).


Culture refers to all the traditions, history, customs and activities that constitute lifestyle, identity, heritage, celebration, and spiritual nourishment, as well as all the creative and innovative aspects of the arts that define a community. For inclusions refer to the Australia Bureau of Statistics categories of ‘culture’ (Arts Nation -An overview of Australian Arts - Technical Appendix 2015 Edition).


Heritage refers to the cultural, natural, and historical assets that are inherited from past generations, preserved in the present, and passed on to future generations. Heritage encompasses a wide range of tangible and intangible elements that contribute to the identity, character, and continuity of a community, society, or civilization. These elements may include historical sites, artifacts, traditions, customs, languages, and practices that hold significance and are considered valuable for their connection to the past. It also includes the organisations and institutions involved in preserving this heritage, e.g., museums and collecting institutions.

The Queensland Heritage Register is a list of places that have cultural heritage significance to the people of Queensland. The South Burnett has many places that are significant as they contribute to our understanding of the wider pattern and evolution of the region’s history and heritage.

The region also has a register of Local heritage places available here and a map of the South Burnett Queensland Heritage Registered listed places..

Kingaroy Art Gallery