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State Controlled Roads

South Burnett Regional Council (SBRC) conducts maintenance on roads throughout the region to promote longevity of the asset and deliver the community with a safe road network.  In addition to Council’s local roads, State controlled roads through the region provide essential connectivity to the local and wider road network. 

Council has a contract with Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) to undertake maintenance on a majority of the State owned road infrastructure throughout the South Burnett Council area. 

The table here outlines State controlled roads in the South Burnett region along with the maintenance responsibilities as awarded by DTMR.

Council undertakes routine inspections, as part of the Road Maintenance Performance Contract (RMPC), on this network to identify, record and prioritise defects in line with set DTMR intervention levels and response timeframes in line with an allocated yearly budget as awarded by the State. 

Upgrades and major works on this State controlled network are considered outside of the RMPC and fall under the responsibility and jurisdiction of DTMR.  Some examples of such upgrades are; upgrade unsealed road to a sealed standard, realignment of a corner, resealing a section of road, improvement to drainage requiring installation of new culverts, large sections of pavement rehabilitation works and major reconstruction of the State owned assets.  

Council encourages ratepayers and residents to continue to report defects on the State network through Council’s customer contact centre to ensure continued awareness and inspection of the potential maintenance defects which fall within the RMPC guidelines.  Requests regarding upgrades and major works to this network need to be made through the DTMR customer centre for State budget consideration.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has recently added a new feature to their QLD Traffic website, “Road Lookup”. The “Road Lookup” feature allows users to enter a road name (using a google maps search) which then provides the relevant road owner and contact details. 

“Road Lookup” is accessible here. The QLD Traffic website can also be accessed via TMR’s website, ‘Contact us” page at

Driveways and property accesses next to state-controlled roads

If your property adjoins a state-controlled road, you will need to apply to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to make any changes to, or to construct a new driveway or access, using an application form available on TMR's website. All application processes through TMR are free.

Further information can be found here.

Applications for changes to driveways not associated with a development application need to be made using Form F5083, which is available on TMR's website in the 'Driveway' section. Note, construction cannot commence until TMR sends an 'Approval To Commence' letter. When the application form is completed, it can be returned with supporting documentation to .

For any enquiries about this process, or to seek advice about property access changes, please email