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Water Standpipes

Council would like to remind residents that tap-and-go credit/debit water standpipes can be found at Nanango, Blackbutt, Benarkin and Hivesville. Potable water (drinking quality) can be purchased at Nanango, Blackbutt and Benarkin standpipes, with non-potable water (only) available at Hivesville.

Standpipes are located at:

  • Nanango – Brisbane Street (high-flow)
  • Blackbutt – Bowmans Road (high-flow and low-flow)
  • Benarkin – Scotts Street (high-flow)
  • Hivesville – Intersection Starr Street & Hivesville Road (non-potable water / high-flow)

Please note that Standpipes are for Domestic use only!

A copy of the water standpipe fact sheet is available here.

Instructions for use are displayed at all standpipes. A 25mm hose is available, however customers will need to provide their own 50mm cam lock and hose to use the larger connection. The payment system is operated by the tap-and-go Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card system and transactions are limited to a minimum of $1 and maximum $99 per transaction. The cost per kilolitre is $6.00 ($5.00 Hivesville).