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Restricted Weeds

7 September 2022

A Fireweed Identification Sheet is available here.


07 09 2022 Positive detection fireweed alert advertisement

Water Lettuce




27 01 2022 Parthenium weed


27 01 2022 African box thorn



11 04 23 Fact sheet husdon pear



Council annually offer an African Lovegrass Containment Program to assist landholders within the Durong and Boyneside African Lovegrass Containment Area with assistance and herbicide to treat African Lovegrass. 

Landholders can apply for up to 20 Litres of Taskforce to treat African Lovegrass on property boundaries and roadsides. Spray equipment is also available for loan. 

For further information please contact Council's Coordinator of Natural Resource Management on (07) 4189 9100.

Restricted Weeds Fact Sheets

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