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Disaster Management

The Disaster Management Act 2003 gives Council primary responsibility for coordination and management of disaster and emergency events in the South Burnett Region, with support from the State.

Disaster management systems in Queensland

In Queensland, the disaster management system operates at three levels:

  • Local Disaster Management Group
  • District Disaster Management Group
  • State Disaster Management Group

Council responsibilities

Local government has first-hand knowledge and understanding of social, economic, infrastructure and environmental issues within the community and is ideally placed to provide support in a disaster event. The Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) has been set up to coordinate Council's response to a disaster.

Under the Act, council must:

  • establish a local disaster management group
  • develop and approve a local disaster management plan
  • have a disaster response capability
  • develop a comprehensive approach to disaster management - Prevention/Preparation/Response and Recovery
  • lead and facilitate local recovery

The purpose of the Local Disaster Management Plan (PDF) is to ensure the safety of the community and to preserve lives, livelihoods and the environment in the event of a disaster affecting the region.

Effective recovery after a disaster is vital to ensure the well being of individuals and our community. It is more than simply the replacement of what has been destroyed and the rehabilitation of those affected. It is a complex social and developmental process that involves all aspects of society working together to return the community to normality and to improve aspects beyond previous conditions by enhancing social infrastructure, natural and built environments, and the economy.

The complexity and timeframes of recovery demand sound planning, effective coordination and above all, community involvement. The Disaster Recovery Plan (PDF) addresses these aspects and articulates how the South Burnett will undertake recovery operations after a disaster. In doing so this plan provides a framework for the management and coordination of recovery as well as guidance on the major considerations for recovery across the spectrum of Human/Social Recovery, Infrastructure Recovery, Economic Recovery and Environment Recovery.

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