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Right to Information

On 1 July 2009 new legislation including the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) replaced the  Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI). The RTI Act covers non-personal applications and the IP Act is for access to personal information or to change personal details held by Council.

Right to Information is the Queensland Government's approach to giving the community greater access to information. The RTI Act covers documents of a non-personal nature that cannot be accessed from another source for example Council's Website. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Governance Branch to see whether the information being requested can be released by another Council's administrative processes prior to making an application under the RTI Act or IP Act.

How to make an RTI / IP application?

  • Applications must submitted on the RTI - IP Access Application Form - follow the link and download the PDF Application Form.
  • Payment of the RTI fee must be paid at time of application, processing and access charges may also apply.
  • All RTI applications should provide sufficient information to allow the identification of the documents you are seeking
  • Provide an address for notices of the Act to be sent to the applicant
  • Applications can be lodged in person at the Customer Service Centres or by post addressed to:

Right to Information / Information Privacy

South Burnett Regional Council
PO Box 336

(Note: online applications can only be lodged for Queensland Government departments, not South Burnett Regional Council.)

For more information on lodging an application go to

Fees and charges

Fees and charges for applications under the Right to Information Act 2009 (the RTI Act) and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (the IP Act) are set out in the Right to Information Regulation 2009 and the Information Privacy Regulation 2009. The Office of the Information Commissioner publishes a detailed guideline on this issue.

The information available via the publication scheme is available at no cost. However, in some cases access charges may apply to cover the costs of photocopying, postage or supervised access to inspect documents.

The applicable fees and charges usually increase by a small amount each financial year. View current fees and charges.

How do I amend my application?

You may apply to amend documents containing personal information you believe is inaccurate, misleading, out of date or incomplete. You need to have seen or accessed the documents before you can apply to have them amended.

To apply to amend your personal information, download and complete the application form, and submit it by post, fax, email or in person at the Customer Service Centers. There is no application fee but you will need to give the Council evidence of your identity (e.g. a certified copy of your driver licence).

Publication Scheme

Our publication scheme lists information which you can routinely obtain from Council. The information is organised into seven groups. Most Queensland Government Agencies will provide information in a similar way.

Administrative Access Scheme

Council seeks to proactively release information informally where it can via the Administrative Access Scheme and the information you are seeking may be already accessible through this process. Contact Council to find out more information.

Disclosure Log

In our disclosure log, you will find details of non-personal information released under the Right to Information Act 2009.