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Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan 2021-2026


Corporate Plan Engagement

South Burnett Regional Council is developing a new draft Corporate Plan.  A legislative requirement, the new Corporate Plan will guide how Council prioritises and delivers services, programs and facilities to the community over the next five years. It is also the core strategic document that helps Council set its annual Budget and Operational Plan. 

The Corporate Plan is a living document, where its success lies in having conversations with our communities to ensure that Council’s goals align with the needs and priorities of our people.

What's changing?

In this plan, we’re focusing on the outcomes that will make the biggest transformation for the South Burnett in the medium term – from the environment through to the economy, our community and our organisation. 

The new document, once adopted, will be Council’s third five-year Corporate Plan since the original Corporate Plan for the South Burnett Regional Council which was adopted in 2010. The five (5) outcome areas and long-term goals identified in the Community Plan remain the same:

  • Enhancing our communities and lifestyle
  • Building our infrastructure and enhancing our towns and villages
  • Taking advantage of growth opportunities
  • Protecting our environments
  • Organisational Excellence

The South Burnett Regional Council acknowledges the traditional custodians of country in the South Burnett region - the Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli.  We also acknowledge the cultural diversity of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, elders past and present and the significant contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People have made and continue to make to shaping the identity of the South Burnett and Australia.

The draft Corporate Plan identifies key issues under each outcome area as priorities for the next five years. 
We have also reviewed and refreshed our corporate vision, mission and values, which articulate our long-term direction and define the culture of Council’s organisation.

We asked the key questions

A number of key officers across Council have been involved in researching and developing the draft Corporate Plan. Workshops with Council officers and Councillors have been held to identify and prioritise the challenges and opportunities Council faces in the next five years, relating to each of the outcome areas of the South Burnett Regional Council Corporate Plan.

In proposed discussions with our staff and our community about this Corporate Plan, we ask the key question: 

‘In the next five years, what can make the biggest difference and how can Council best serve the community?’

Developing the draft Corporate Plan – what’s happened so far

As part of this process, we are asking for stakeholder and community feedback through a series of meetings and online surveys:

  • January to March 2021: Councillors and Council officers will meet with community representatives.
  • February to March 2021: An online survey to be conducted.

We will review the community feedback in detail, taking all points of view into consideration when developing the draft new Corporate Plan.

On 28 April 2021, Council will adopt the 2021 – 2026 Corporate plan at the General Meeting.

The next steps:

  • Monday 25 January to cob Friday 5 March 2021: The draft is available for community feedback.
  • March/April 2021: Council will consider the final draft for adoption.
  • 28 April 2021: Corporate Plan adopted by Council.

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