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Tenders 2019-20

Tender No. Tender Details Application Package Closing Date
SBRCQ-19/20-64 invitation to Quote - Suitably qualified and insured Private Building Certifier Closed Closed
SBRC 18/19-15 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Civil Works Closed Closed
SBRC 18/19-14 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Traffic Management Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-24 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Pest Management Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-22 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Electrical Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-21 Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Trade Services Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI)  One (1) Dexter Cow Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI) One (1) Murray Grey Cross Cow Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI) One (1) Bull Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI) Fourteen (14) head of Cattle Closed Closed
Expression of Interest (EOI) Ten (10) Head of Cattle Closed Closed
SBRC-19/20-04 Power System Analysis and Protection Coordination - Switchboards Closed Closed
SBRC-19/20-05 Sale of Oaten Hay Closed Closed
SBRCQ-19/20-24 Supervision of Timber Towns (Blackbutt/Benarkin) Waste Facility Closed Closed
SBRCQ-19/20-25 Purchase of and Removal of Scrap Metal Resource from various Council Facilities Closed Closed
SBRCQ-19/20-28 Supervision of Wattlecamp Waste Facility Closed Closed
SBRCQ-19/20-19 Agenda Management Software Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-18 Pre- Qualified Supplier Panel - Dry Hire Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-19 Pre- Qualified Supplier Panel - Wet Hire Closed Closed
SBRC 17/18-23 Pre- Qualified Supplier Panel - Road & Quarry Materials Closed Closed
SBRC-19/20-01 Land for Sale for Economic Development at Kemp Street, Wondai Industrial Area Closed Closed
SBRC-19/20-02 Sale of Land at 12 William Street, Hivesville Closed Closed