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Doing Business with Council

Local Government Purchasing Requirements

Procurement is the acquisition of goods, services, or works from an outside source. Within Local Government, items procured may include anything from hire of equipment, tools or hardware, office supplies, park equipment, road materials or the engagement of professional services.

Council is bound by the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 2009 and Regulations 2012 and must adhere to the Sound Contracting Principles for the discharge of public money.

The sound contracting principles as per the Local Government Act 2009 s104 (3) are:

  • Value for money
  • Open and effective competition
  • Development of competitive local business and industry
  • Environmental protections
  • Ethical behaviour and fair dealing

Pre-Qualified Supplier Registers

Council has established the following categories of supply as Pre-Qualified Supplier Registers which are a contracted Standing Offer Arrangement. The registers will be refreshed at the same time each year allowing new suppliers to apply and existing suppliers to update pricing and service offerings.

  • Dry Hire (September)
  • Wet Hire (September)
  • Road Making Quarry Materials (September)
  • Civil Works  (April)
  • Trade Services (April)
  • Electrical Works (April)
  • Pest Management (April)

Local Marketplace

Council has established a local marketplace for non-contracted low risk ad-hoc supply arrangements for business within the South Burnett Region.

If you are interested in supplying goods or services to us you can register your business on Council’s Local Marketplace on Felix for free. A list of Local Marketplace categories is available here.

Felix Marketplace is an online procurement system which allows council officers to search, nominate and invite local suppliers to quote. In turn, suppliers will receive an email notification with an invite to submit a quote. All the supplier is required to do is log in for details and then upload the quote.

Felix Marketplace is a great opportunity for local business owners to have their goods and services seen by a new audience. The registration process does not mean that you are automatically a supplier to Council. Should you be engaged for goods or services you may be required to provide additional documentation.

Registration Process

  1. Go to the Felix Marketplace registration page 
  2. Complete the business profile
  3. Choose the relevant supply categories. Suppliers should select all the categories that best represent the goods and/or services available.
  4. Once registered, council staff can send a request for quote to suppliers when relevant products/services are required
  5. Suppliers can accept and submit a quote response
  6. Council staff will assess the quotations and award to the selected local supplier.

Local Buy

Local Buy are a subsidiary of the Local Government Association of QLD (LGAQ). Local Buy facilitates business relationships with local government and their suppliers. Local Buy’s core business is the creation of contractual arrangements for goods and services that can be used by Queensland Councils, aggregating the demand for these goods and services to achieve better pricing and conditions. There are in excess of 37 contracted Pre-Qualified supplier arrangements which can be accessed by all 77 council across Queensland.

If you are interested in tendering for larger contracts as a Pre-Qualified supplier under the local buy arrangements please direct enquiries through the Local Buy website here.

Local Buy Frequently Asked Questions

LG Tenderbox

LG Tenderbox is the online tendering portal of choice for many Queensland local governments, statutory bodies and other public sector entities. LG Tenderbox streamlines the Queensland public sector procurement process by providing and easy to use electronic system for organisations wish to respond to public sector tenders.

Registered businesses can download tender documents, participate in tender forums and lodge electronic tender submissions.

Registration with LG Tenderbox is free. For information on how to Register on the LG Tenderbox click here.

To Register on LG Tenderbox click here.

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