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Music Making Workshop with the Ironing Maidens


3 October 2023 - Kingaroy Town Hall

This workshop session will give you an introduction to the world of song writing and electronic music production using Ableton Live.

It is a beginner’s level workshop in electronic music production, so we'll guide you through to a general knowledge of the Ableton Live software. Whether you're interested in learning to use Ableton for song writing, live performance or making beats, we'll show you the basics of writing and arrangement.  We do our best to accommodate everyone's ability and skill level and with this small group workshop you'll get plenty of support, one on one time with the facilitators and time for experimenting. We'll provide instructional notes for you to take home and you’ll meet people with similar interests- you might even start your own band!

This workshop runs for 2 hours, from 5pm to 7pm, and is open to anyone aged 12 years and up. 

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