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Information for existing Food Businesses

Undertaking Renovations to Premises and adding New Food Services.

If you are making changes to the premises, particularly the food preparation, storage and major appliances, you will need to lodge a design application and follow the same process as starting a new food business. Refer to the application process for the relevant new food business:

  • Fixed Food Premise
  • Home Based Business
  • Mobile Food Vehicle
  • Caterer
  • Temporary Food / Market Stall

Food Safety Supervisor

Under the Food Act 2006, all licensable food businesses in Queensland must have a Food Safety Supervisor. A Food Safety Supervisor takes a lead role in supervising food safety within the food business. A Food Safety Supervisor must be reasonably available at all times the business is operating.

A Food Safety Supervisor should be located on the premises or be able to be contacted by Council or food handlers (staff) whenever food handling is being undertaken.

A Food Safety Supervisor should:

  • Know how to recognise, prevent and alleviate food safety hazards of the food business
  • Have skills and knowledge in matters relating to food safety relevant to the food business
  • Have the authority to supervise and give directions about matters relating to food safety and to people who handle food in the food business

Anyone who meets the above requirements may be a Food Safety Supervisor including the business owners, the licensee, the manager or an employee or an external contractor.

It is a requirement that the Nominated Food Safety Supervisor has some form of Formal Qualifications, for example, the Food Safety Supervisor certificate or other Food Safety Training.

There is no fee for notifying Council of your Food Safety Supervisor

You need to advise Council:

  • The name and contact details of the Food Safety Supervisor within 30 days of the licence being issued
  • The name and contact details of any new Food Safety Supervisors within 14 days of the person becoming a Food Safety Supervisor
  • If there are any changes to the contact details of the food safety supervisor within 14 days of the change
  • If a person ceases to be a Food Safety Supervisor within 14 days of the change

Which Food Safety Supervisor training is relevant for your business?

The brochure Fact Sheet 18- Food Safety Supervisors below provides useful information about training options, including tips regarding finding Registered Training Organisations (see page three of the Food Industry Fact Sheet 18).

Food Safety Supervisor Notification

Do you or your staff have the relevant Food Safety Supervisor qualifications and need to notify us?

All licensed food businesses are required to submit their Food Safety Supervisor notification form to the City within 30 days after their food licence is issued.

You can notify the Council of your nominated Food Safety Supervisor by posting or emailing your certificate through to Council.

Food Safety Program

A food safety program is a documented program that identifies and controls food safety hazards in the handling of food in a food business. Certain licensable food businesses must have a food safety program accredited by their local government. An important part of a FSP is record keeping. Record keeping assists food businesses to demonstrate compliance with the FSP. It is important to regularly review the program to ensure its meeting the needs of the food business.

The following Types Food businesses are required to have an accredited food safety program if:

  • The food business involves off‐site catering
  • The primary activity of the food business is on‐site catering at the premises stated in the licence
  • The primary activity of the food business is on‐site catering at part of the premises stated in the licence
  • The food business is carried on as part of the operations of a private hospital or otherwise processes or serves potentially hazardous food to six or more vulnerable persons.
  • The food business is carried on as part of the operations of an aged care facility or child care centre.

How to Write a Food Safety Program (FSP)

There are several FSP templates available from Queensland Health to help food businesses develop a food safety program.

However, there are other options available including contacting a consultant to help develop your program to ensure that all parts are covered. If you submit a program without the required information Council will request further information and this could extend the timeframe in which you can commence your business. Please see the following link and click on the “ Approved auditors Link.”

How to apply for Accreditation of Food Safety Program

The food business must apply for accreditation of the food safety program, to the local government with which the food business licence is held. You can lodge your Food Safety Program Accreditation Application along with your Food Business License Application. There is no fee at the time of apply for accreditation. However, once the program has been assessed an Invoice will be sent to you.  The fees are based on the time taken to assess the application as the assessment is complex.

  • After your FSP has been developed specifically for your business, you must have an approved auditor (registered with Qld ) complete a “Notice of Written Advice”
  • Submit the Application the Council Application for Accreditation of a Food Safety Program form along with your Notice of Written Advice to council.
  • Once submitted council has 30 days to assess and provide a Decision Notice to you. If further information is required an Information Notice will be sent out.
  • Once the FSP is accredited council will set an audit frequency, which you will then be required to ensure a third party auditor carries out an audit of the FSP and provides written advise each time to Council.

More Information

You can find more information on the Queensland Health Website:

Or alternatively contact Council’s Environmental Services section on phone: (07) 4189 9100.

General Food Safety Information

All persons undertaking food handling activities within a food business must have appropriate skills and knowledge in food safety. Food safety training services and resources are widely available from a number of sources including in house training, external training providers and online training.

Council can provide assistance in on-site training, however this will not cover the requirements for a Food Safety Supervisor.

Further information about Food Safety:

Queensland Health

Food Safety Standards

The Food Safety Standards provides the standards framework in which all licensed food businesses are required to comply with. The standards include information about structural setup of a food business to how a business needs to ensure food is received, handled, stored, processed and distributed.

Food Labeling

Food Recalls