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The South Burnett Regional Council is comprised of one mayor and six divisional councillors. The divisional councillors each represent a division.

Councillors Contact Details

Cr Kathy Duff
Division: Mayor
Phone: (07) 4189 9155

Cr Jane Erkens
Division: Division 1
Phone: 0417 767 444

Cr Linda Little
Division: Division 2
Phone: 0419 769 994

Cr Danita Potter
Deputy Mayor
Division: Division 3
Phone: 0409 490 175

Cr Deb Dennien
Division: Division 4
Phone: 0475 007 705

Cr Heath Sander
Division: Division 5
Phone:  0407 132 917

Cr Ros Heit
Division: Division 6
Phone: 0477 010 743

Councillor Portfolios

  • Corporate Governance & Strategy, People & Culture, Communications & Media, Finance & Sustainability, ICT & Business Systems, Community Representation and Advocacy, 2032 Olympics and Paralympics
  • Tourism and Visitor Information Centres, Sport & Recreation, Commercial Enterprises (Saleyards, Dams Aerodromes, Cemeteries)
  • Infrastructure Planning, Works (Construction & Maintenance), Water & Wastewater, Plant & Fleet
  • Community Development (Health, Youth, Senior Citizens), Arts & Heritage, Disaster Management, Waste and Recycling Management, Library Services
  • Regional Development (Industry, Agriculture, Water Security, Energy and Circular Economy), Development Services (Planning, Building, Plumbing), Community & Social Housing
  • Rural Resilience & Disaster Recovery, Parks & Gardens, Property & Facility Management, First Nations Affairs
  • Natural Resource Management (Rural Services, Agricultural Innovation), Compliance, Environmental Health

Councillor Legislative Information

The Councillor Legislative Information section includes the role of a Mayor and Councillor, Code of Conduct, Councillor Remuneration, Councillor Complaints and Councillor Register of Interest Statements.