Local Government Elections Local Government Elections

Local government elections are held every four (4) years. The last South Burnett Regional Council election was held in March 2016.

For all information regarding local government elections contact Queensland Electoral Commission on www.ecq.qld.gov.au or by calling 1300 881 665 (9am – 5pm Monday – Friday)

Arrangements for the caretaker period - 2016 local government elections Arrangements for the caretaker period - 2016 local government elections

The last local government election was conducted on Saturday, 19 March 2016.

The caretaker period for a local government is the period during local government elections that starts on the day when public notice of the holding of the election is given. The caretaker period ends at the conclusion of the election. The Electoral Commission of Queensland will advise when the caretaker period commences and when it will conclude for each local government.

For more information visit the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs website.

Council Election Signage Council Election Signage

Council is superintending the placement of election Signage regulations on all roads being Local and State Controlled Roadways within the South Burnett Regional Council (SBRC) (‘Council’) Area.

An election sign may only be exhibited in a manner that does not adversely impact on local amenity or cause a risk to public safety.

The following is an extract from South Burnett Regional Council - Subordinate Local Law No. 1.4 (Installation of Advertising Devices) 2011

Section 26 - Election sign

(1) An election sign is a sign or poster that is able, or is intended, to -

  1. influence a person about voting at any government election; or
  2. affect the result of any government election.

(2) The criteria prescribed for an election sign are that the advertising device must—

  1. not have a face area in excess of 1m2; and
  2. not be displayed on a local government controlled area or a road; and
  3. not be displayed unless, prior to the display of the advertising device, the advertiser for the advertising device has given written notice to the local government of the place at which the advertising device will be displayed; and
  4. if the advertising device is about a government election—be removed by the advertiser for the advertising device within 7 days of the date of the government election.

(3) Each candidate for a government election who intends to display election signs about the election must deliver a $100.00 security to the local government to secure compliance with the requirements of this section 26 including, without limitation, the requirement to remove each advertising device within 7 days of the date of a government election.

(4) The display of election signs on land must be limited to 1 election sign on the land.

Download the Election Signage Fact Sheet and Application Form (PDF)

Download the Footpath Usage Application for Electoral Signage and Guidelines