Council requires all persons/businesses/non-profit organisations, to hold a Footpath Usage Permit when using the footpath to display goods on footpaths (including advertising devices), or operating footpath dining and street stalls within the town business areas.

Not-for-profit organisations are exempt from fees (Council may request evidence of ATO status).

Applicants conducting activities as a profitable business must pay the footpath permit fee outlined in Council’s Fees & Charges.

  • The fee does not apply to one (1) "A" frame sign per business not exceeding 1m2 on either facing.

  • The fee applies to Kingaroy, Nanango, Blackbutt and Wondai businesses only.

  • Murgon is presently exempt from the payment of licencing fees because footpath permits are currently regulated by the Murgon Business & Development Association Inc.

When you need a Permit

If the area outside your business is a public footpath, which you use for outdoor dining or displaying/selling goods you will be required to have an Annual Footpath Usage Permit with Council.

Other examples are:

  • Undertaking sausage sizzle or food stall on the footpath

  • Clothing or other goods for sale

  • Closing footpath/road  - Must Apply to Council's Roads & Drainage Department

  • Placing items on a Main Road – You may require State Main Roads Approval

Types of Permit

Annual Footpath Usage Permit

Annual Fee allows the business to use the footpath to display goods or outdoor dining on a regular basis

Short Term Footpath Usage Permit

One off events such as Non-Profit sausage sizzle OR

Selling raffle tickets

Footpath/Road Closure

Require application to Councils Road & Drainage Department to close a footpath or road to undertake maintenance on council regulated area.

When no permit is needed

You do not need a permit to:

  • have customers eat and drink outside your food business premises if the outdoor area is on private property. For example, food premises within shopping centres do not need a permit if the area used is owned by the shopping complex.

  • display one "A" Frame type sign with suitable dimensions, such that the sign surface area will not exceed 1m2 in total on either facing.

How to Apply

To apply for a footpath permit you must lodge your application with Council with relevant documentation including:

  • a plan outlining the area proposed to be used.

  • proof of public liability to the value of ten million dollars with Council named as an interested party

  • Description of goods being displayed.

Murgon business wishing to have items on the footpath in Murgon must contact the Murgon Business & Development Association Inc. on (07) 4168 1066.


Refer to Council's Fees & Charges

Other approvals

You may also need to check other requirements including other licenses you may be required to hold including but not limited to:

  • Development approval (contact Council's Planning Department)

  • Food Licence  (contact Council's Environment & Waste Department)

  • Building approval (from Council or private building certifier)

  • Liquor & Gaming Licensing (Contact State Government 13 74 68)

Further information

If you require further information about Footpath Usage Permits please contact Council’s Environment & Waste Department on (07) 4189 9100.