Mayor's Budget Message Mayor's Budget Message

I am pleased to present a snapshot of Council’s 2018/19 Budget. Our stable financial position allows us to address the region’s most pressing needs and deliver services, facilities and activities for the benefit of the entire South Burnett community.

In your rate notice you may observe some changes in how we’ve calculated your fee. The Road Levy, rather than being charged as a single flat rate fee of $200 pa/per ratepayer, is now incorporated into the General Rate. The General Rate is calculated on the unimproved capital value of a property. This is a fair and equitable solution to approach road maintenance costs as they form part of the total operational costs of Council.

Whilst this approach has caused concern amongst some ratepayers, Councillors and I felt that as your representatives, this decision is in the best interest of our community to ensure that we are able to carry on with our principal emphasis of maintaining and sustaining our roads and infrastructure. The additional funds received have been targeted towards a major plan for Council to substantially improve our rural road network. Council will be investing $4.5M on gravel re-sheeting rural roads this financial year.

Our processes are designed to ensure fairness and equity and to address ‘needs’ versus ‘wants’. Council’s 2018/19 budget puts us on the path to tackling some of the region’s most pressing issues whilst balancing long term financial sustainability. With that in mind, Council’s message this month is to provide the community with insight into our planned works and services, how they will be funded, and where your rate dollar will be spent.

Listening Tours will be held across the region in late September/October. I encourage you all to join us. Dates and venues will be announced shortly on Council’s Website.

Where the money goes? Where the money goes?

The Councillors' views on the 2018/19 Budget

Where the money comes from? Where the money comes from?


The Mayor's 2018/19 Budget Speech