Current Tenders

Tender No. Tender Details Tender Package Closing Date
SBRC-19/20-01 Land for Sale for Economic Development at Kemp Street, Wondai Industrial Area LG Tenderbox 5.00pm 30th August 2019
SBRC-19/20-02 Sale of Land at 12 William Street, Hivesville application package 4.30pm 21st August 2019

Closed Tenders

Tender No. Tender Details Application Package Closing Date
SBRC-18/19-20 Management Services Kingaroy, Wondai and Murgon Swimming Pools 4.00pm 15th July 2019
SBRC-18/19-19 Sale of 173 Bales of Rhodes Grass Hay 5.00pm 2nd July 2019
SBRC - 18/19-18 Cleaning of Council Buildings and Facilities in Wondai and Murgon 4.00pm 17th June 2019
SBRC 18/19-16 Lease of Vacant Land - Part of 75 Macalister Street Murgon - Lot 3 on SP119874 Application Package 4.00pm Wednesday
22 May 2019
SBRCQ 18/19-44 Construct road widening, stormwater drainage and minor concrete works - Siefert Street, Crawford Quotation Package 12:00noon Tuesday 16th April 2019
SBRC 18/19-12 Kingaroy Water Main Replacement Program LG Tender Box 4:00pm Friday 3rd May 2019
SBRC-18/19-13 Request for Tender - Wondai Railway Station Building - Commercial Lease Application Package 4.00pm Thursday 11th April 2019
SBRCQ-18/19-43 Cleaning of Council Buildings/Public Conveniences - Maidenwell Application Package 4.00pm Monday 8th April 2019
SBRC-18/19-11 Provision and Operation of Animal (Cats and Dogs) Housing Facility LG Tender Box 4.00pm Friday 5th April 2019
SBRC18/19-09 Supervision of Murgon and Wondai Waste Facilities Application Package 4:00pm Friday 22 March 2019
SBRC-18/19-10 Cleaning of Council Buildings/Facilities Kingaroy Application Package 4.00pm Friday 22nd March 2019
Pre Qualified Suppliers - Trade Services LG Tender Box 2.00pm Tuesday
12 March 2019
Pre Qualified Suppliers - Electrical LG Tender Box 2.00pm Tuesday
12 March 2019
Pre Qualified Suppliers - Pest Management LG Tender Box 2.00pm Tuesday
12 March 2019
SBRCQ-18/19-41 To Provide Management Services for the Proston Swimming Pool Application Package 4.00pm Monday 11th March 2019
SBRC 18/19-07 Bob Morgan Bridge, Stonelands Road Available by Contacting Council on 4189 9100 12:00 noon Friday 8 February 2019
SBRCQ-18/19-30 Ringsfield House & Heritage Museum Gardener Quotation Package 2.00pm Wednesday 23rd January 2019
SBRCQ 18/19-29 Broad Creek Floodway Reconstruction Quotation Package 12:00 noon AEST Wednesday 19th December 2018
SBRC-18/19-04 Delivery of Pest Management Services Application Package 4.00pm
Friday 26 October 2018
SBRC- 18/19-18 Pre Qualified Suppliers Dry Hire LG Tender Box 2.00pm Friday 12 October 2018
SBRC- 18/19-19 Pre Qualifed Suppliers Wet Hire LG Tender Box 2.00pm Friday 12 October 2018
SBRC 18/19-05 SBRC 2018/19 Bitumen Seal 12:00noon AEST 12th December 2018
01/2018 Operate a Recycle Shop in Kingaroy in conjunction with the Kingaroy Transfer Station Application Package 4.00pm Wednesday 31 October 2018
SBRC 18/19-03 Supply and Deliver of Quarry Materials Tender Package 12:00 noon Wednesday 26th September 2018
SBRCQ-18/19-12 12 Month Management Agreement for Kingaroy WJ Lang Swimming Pool Application Package 4.00pm Friday 31st August 2018
SBRCQ-18/19-13 12 Month Management Agreement for Wondai  Swimming Pool Application Package 4.00pm Friday 31st August 2018
SBRCQ-18/19-14 12 Month Management Agreement for Murgon Jubilee Swimming Pool Application Package 4.00pm Friday 31st August 2018

Previous Tenders