The Wondai Regional Art Gallery is recognised as one of the best in rural south-east Queensland. With new exhibitions every month, Friends of the Gallery membership, Sunday Art Group, Pole Art and regular workshops and art classes for adults and children, it provides opportunities for people to develop and display their artistic skills as well as showcasing the region's art and culture to the visiting public.

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 10.00am to 4.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am to 4.00pm
Sundays/Public Holidays: 10.00am to 4.00pm (except Good Friday. ANZAC morning, Christmas & Boxing Days)

Exhibition enquiries to :
Phone: 07 4168 5926


40 Haly Street, Wondai

Current Exhibition Current Exhibition

August 2017  Exhibition

“Words Worthy”   by Zane Stuart

A survey of Zane’s work and its themes over the last twenty five years reveals a large proportion of paintings, sketches and screen prints etc. containing words or phrases that have an impact on our daily lives. This in some cases has been unplanned or could be described as subliminal reactions to events both pleasing and in some cases traumatic. Zane has found it interesting to study the resilience of people and how they cope with pleasure and pain, often amounting in the utterance of a short phrase, like a long phrase might seem pretentious or maybe a waste of time. It's a large subject, so instead of getting bogged down in heavy analysis, Zane has produced, deliberately this time, a series of singular words or short phrases to make easier our understanding of what a normal day is for many of us.

He Gave Us Eyes To See Them”   by Helen Blythman 

Nature and its beauty is the inspiration of Helen’s art.  Helen is motivated by her belief in a great and good creator of the universe who gives us eyes to see and appreciate His wonderful creation. Helen’s other motivation is to give whatever money she receives from her art work to the Developing Foundation in the name of her Grandson, Dylan Geary (16 years old) who has special needs. He is an amazing young man.

This exhibition includes a variety of media: oil, acrylic, pastel, pen and ink and aquarelle. The subject matter is varied, ranging from the awesome mountains of the Flinders ranges to the Variegated Fairy Wren Family; from the portrait of Young Harry (our grandson), to the Uniting Church family, Kingaroy; and the montage of my father-in-law who was gassed in the WWI to the portrait of my mother ( a 1933 bride).

All Things Sugar”   by South Burnett Cake Decorators

As part of the South Burnett Cake Decorators group, local South Burnett residents Pam Dowdle, Gloria Berry, Lyn Norton, Jean Johnston and Roza Lear gather monthly to share ideas and learn new skills.  This exhibition is a showcase of the recent work and skills acquired by this talented group through demonstrations and workshops held both at home and away.

 “Kids Korner”  Taabinga State School

Opening Night:   Friday 1st September 2017, from 6pm. 

                                  $5.00 entry includes Hot & Cold Supper & Punch

                                 Wine will be served by Cran's Winery

                                 Live Entertainment

The exhibition will remain in the Wondai Regional Art Gallery Regional Art Gallery until 4pm on Saturday 23rd September 2017. The exhibition will be open 7 days a week, 10.00am till 4.00pm. Free Entry. Telephone: 074168 5926 or email 


Calendar of Events Calendar of Events

Gallery January (closes 12th Jan) Gallery February - Opening 3rd
1 Nature In The Raw Wildlife Exhibition 1 "Under the Bed Sale"
2 (Nature in the Raw Group) 2 (Whole Gallery)
3 (Whole Gallery) 3  
Kidz Korner Wondai State School Kidz Korner Tingoora State School
Cellar Door   Cellar Door Kingsley Grove Estate
  March - Opening 3rd   April - Opening 3rd
1 Kaye Kerner 1 Wondai Garden Expo Competition
2 Ginger Deller-Smith 2 (Whole Gallery)
3 Vynka Von Fahland 3  
Kidz Korner St Joseph's Primary School Kidz Korner Murgon State School
Cellar Door Crane's Winery Cellar Door Moffatdale Ridge Winery
  May - Opening 5th   June - Opening 2nd
1 Margie Zimmerman 1 Wenlock River Project (Trav Exhib)
2 Biggenden Group 2 (Whole Gallery)
3 Graham House Spinners & Weavers 3  
Kidz Korner Wooroolin State School Kidz Korner Cherbourg State School
Cellar Door Kingsley Grove Estate Cellar Door Clovely Estate
  July - Opening 7th   August - Opening 4th
1 "Brushes and Flashes" 1 Lori Sedgman
2 South Burnett Travelling Exhibition 2 Zane Stuart
3 (Whole Gallery) 3 Lisa Jorgensen
Kidz Korner Windera State School Kidz Korner Proston State School
Cellar Door Crane's Winery Cellar Door Moffatdale Ridge
  September - Opening 1st   October - Opening 29th Sept
1 Helen Blythman 1 10th South Burnett Regional
2 Levi Murray 2 Council Art Competition
3 Monday Art Group Kingaroy 3 (Whole Gallery)
Kidz Korner Taabinga State School Kidz Korner N/A
Cellar Door Crane's Winery Cellar Door Kingsley Grove Estate
  November - Opening 3rd   December - Opening 1st
1 Joy Carter & Trish Erkins 1 Childers Art Group
2 Glenn Kelly 2 (Whole Gallery)
3 Darling Downs Textile Art Group 3  
Kidz Korner Wondai Kindergarten Kidz Korner Wondai State School
Cellar Door Clovely Estate Cellar Door Clovely Estate


Opening Night - First Friday of each month from 6pm $5 Entry