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South Burnett Regional Council Roads & Drainage Branch offers numerous services as listed below:

  • Maintain Councils 3200 km of roads, pathways, drainage structures and bridges including:
    • Patching potholes on sealed roads;
    • Shoulder repairs on sealed roads;
    • Grading and gravelling unsealed roads;
    • Resealing sealed roads as required to prevent further potholing;
    • Slashing road shoulders;
    • Sweeping urban streets;
    • Removing fallen trees and branches off roadways and footpaths;
    • Repairing scours along and across roadways;
    • Install and maintain road signage and linemarking for road safety
  • Construct road, drainage and footpath projects listed in Council's annual capital program.
  • Maintains state controlled roads within the region as a contractor to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  • Install rural address numbers to properties outside of urban areas.

Bitumen Resealing Program:

Council undertakes periodic bitumen resealing work on our sealed road network to rejuvenate and extend the life of roads and streets. The bitumen resealing process consists of spraying a thin film of bitumen across the road surface, and then adding small stones on top of the bitumen film. This forms a durable waterproof dust free layer on top of the road, can improve the skid resistance of the road surface, and reduces the occurrence of potholes and cracks forming. Typically, the useful life of a bitumen seal is 10-15 years, after which time bitumen resealing should be undertaken.

Roads News Roads News

Notice of Roadworks - Wattlecamp Road, Nanango

Notice of Roadworks Wattlecamp Road, Nanango Preliminary Clearing Works Council has programmed to commenced preliminary clearing works on Wattlecamp Road, between Kingaroy Barker Creek...

Notice of Roadworks - Haly Street, Kingaroy - Installation of Concrete Footpath

🚧 🚦 Council has programmed to commence the installation of a concrete footpath to replace missing links along the McDonald's side of Haly Street, Kingaroy (between Youngman Street and...

Notice of Roadworks - Bunya Highway, Wondai - Installation of Concrete Footpath

  Council has programmed to commence the construction of a new concrete footpath along the eastern side of the Bunya Highway fronting the Wondai Sportsground through to Industrial Estate...

Slow Down on our Roads

Slow Down on the roads ...Is the message from Acting Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group Cr Kathy Duff. Council has had reports of drivers traveling at speed on our roads and through...

Notice of Roadworks Haly Street, Wondai (Pavement Rehabilitation)

Council has programmed to commence road pavement rehabilitation works on Haly Street, Wondai along the frontage of the Wondai Visitor Information Centre & the South Burnett Regional Timber...

Road Report Road Report

Road Report

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Roads & Drainage Capital Projects Roads & Drainage Capital Projects

Location: Blackbutt Town Development Stormwater Drainage
Project Description:

This project involves stormwater upgrade between Hart Street and John Street, Blackbutt. The work shall consist of:

  • Drainage removal/demolition
  • Installation of culverts
  • Concrete in culverts and end structures
  • Installation of Junction pits
  • Installation of concrete footpath
  • Protective treatment
  • Earthworks preparation
  • Earthworks excavation and embankment
  • Earthworks subgrade
  • Turfing and vegetation works
  • Unbound pavements
  • Sprayed bituminous surfacing
  • Roadside structures
Status: Works commenced in December 2018 with an estimated completion date of April 2019, weather permitting.
Location: Niagara Road, Niagara
Project Description:

This project involves shoulder widening, pavement overlay and drainage works.  The work shall consist of:

  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Drainage works
  • Embankment
  • Excavation
  • Protective treatment
  • Shoulder widening
  • Overlay
  • Installation of road furniture
  • Bitumen sealing
Status: Works have commenced in December 2018  with an estimated completion date of June 2019, weather permitting.