All compliance assessable plumbing work carried out within South Burnett Region must be approved by Council. A Plumbing and Drainage application must be lodged for all work which includes but is not limited to:

  • New Dwellings / Duplex-units
  • Commercial Development
  • Shop fit outs
  • Relocating Houses into the Region
  • Disconnection of Council Sewer
  • Disconnection of House Hold Treatment Plants (HSTP) and Septic Systems.

All other regulated plumbing work can be performed under the Form 4 process by a licensed plumber and drainer. The scope of work allowable under the Form 4 Notifiable work process is listed in Schedule 2 of the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003.

Additionally, Hydraulic Plans are required for some applications lodged for assessment.

It is illegal to do regulated plumbing work without a licence, please check with Council if you are unsure of any detail.

Required forms for all Plumbing & Drainage Applications Required forms for all Plumbing & Drainage Applications

To download the mandatory plumbing & drainage application forms, please visit the Department of Housing & Public Works website.

For all development applications, you must:

  • complete application details - Form 1 (Compliance Assessment) and Form 7 (Notification of Responsible Person).

Other applicable forms are:

  • Form 3 - Verification of Covered Work;
  • Form 8 - Notice of Compliance On-Site Sewerage Work.