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Roadside Vending

South Burnett Regional Council does not presently permit the activity known as “ Roadside Vending” in this area. Roadside Vending means the commercial supply of goods or services from a road, which includes the road reserve area.  For example, this would include activities such as selling fruit, wood, seafood, coffee, etc. or any other good on the side of the road or in a council regulated area (public park or public car park).

This activity is different to “ Itinerant Vending” (such as the Mr Whippy van), where a vendor drives around until hailed down by a prospective customer. The Itinerant Vendor serves the customer and then proceeds on their way.  An Itinerant Vendor does not set up to stay for any period of time. A Roadside Vendor, however, would be set up at a particular location waiting for potential customers, whether exclusively from a vehicle or some sort of a structure. Itinerant Vendors are still required to comply with Main Road legislation, in particular road safety for operator and customers.

Prior to amalgamation, there were some historical roadside vending arrangements in place, which Council must still honour. However, when they lapse Council’s present intention is to cancel them and not to reissue such an approval for that site again.

The current stance on new Roadside Vending enquiries is as follows:

  • Mobile Food Vehicles and other setups ie Wood Fire supply and Fruit/Vege stalls are not permitted on Council Land, Roads, Public Parks, etc.
  • A Vendor may be able to operate on private land that has an existing commercial usage approval through planning, without a vending permit from Council. For example, a flower stall or mobile seafood van (a food business licence for this particular activity would still be mandatory) that park on land of a service station, not the footpath, and with the consent of the landowner.

Roadside Vending does not apply to footpath dining activities.

Further Information

If your specific questions are not answered on this site, then please contact Council on phone (07) 4189 9100.