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Our Priorities

Information about what our priorities are and how we are doing.

South Burnett Regional Council's Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan enables the whole organisation to work together in the same direction to address the key priorities for the community and achieve Council's vision. The Corporate Plan is a way for Council to communicate its direction with its stakeholders, particularly the community, and provides a framework for reporting back on progress achieved through the various activities of the organisation.

Our Vision

Individual communities building a strong and vibrant region.

Our Values


Accountability: We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions
Community: Building partnerships, supporting communities and delivering quality services
Harmony: Our people working cooperatively to achieve common goals in a supportive and safe environment
Innovation: Encouraging an innovative and resourceful workplace and community
Ethical Conduct: We behave fairly with open, honest and accountable behaviour and consistent decision-making
Vision: Our vision is the driving force behind our actions and responsibilities  
Excellence: Striving to deliver excellent environmental, social and economic outcomes  

Our Five Strategic Priorities

Enhancing our Communities
Building vibrant, healthy, supportive and inclusive communities.

Growth and Opportunity
A strong and sustainable regional economy supported by diverse sectors and innovative planning mechanisms.

Our Environment
A sustainable environment, pro-actively and responsibly managed in partnership with the community for future generations.

Organisational Excellence
An organisation that is characterised by effective leadership, responsible management and quality service delivery

The provision of quality services and infrastructure for our growing community that is planned, provided and managed on sound asset management principles.

South Burnett Regional Council's Operational Plan

Each year Council, in accordance with the Local Government Act, adopts an Operational Plan which identifies 'activities' that work toward achieving the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in the Corporate Plan. The Operational Plan is the key management document, crucial to the strategic running of the South Burnett Regional Council. To obtain a copy please contact your local Customer Service Centre.