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UPDATE - Lamb Street, Murgon - CBD Footpath, Kerb and Channel Replacement 24-03-20


Replacement of Murgon’s CBD footpath along Lamb Street (between Krebs and Gore Streets) continues.

South Burnett Regional Council is pleased to advise that the replacement of Murgon’s CBD footpath along Lamb Street (between Krebs and Gore Streets), funded through the Queensland Government’s 2019-21 Works for Queensland program (W4Q R3) and South Burnett Regional Council, continues with demolition and reconstruction occurring among various sections. Detailed planning has preceded works in order to ensure all businesses can remain operational during the construction period.

The majority of works have been scheduled to be delivered at night between 6pm and 6am, with additional supporting tasks being undertaken during standard working hours as required.

Details of activities planned for week commencing Sunday 22 March and forecast for the week commencing Sunday 29 March are outlined below:

Week commencing Sunday 22 March 2020

Section 2- Dog Wash to Bakery - Contractors have reached 80% completion in this section in the previous week, with one final pour remaining. This final pour will reinstate the pedestrian ramp adjacent to the Pizza Shop, as seen in RED in the below image.

Section 3 - Max Employment to The Royal Hotel - Completion of the concrete preparation and Telstra infrastructure replacement is scheduled to occur at the beginning of the week. The contractors are working towards commencing concrete reinstatement on Wednesday. This section including areas adjacent to Max Employment and The Royal Hotel can be seen in PURPLE in the image below.

Section 4 - Encore Pilates to Advice Partners - This new construction zone will commence with demolition on Tuesday night and pedestrian detours installed to allow for trading as per usual. As per previous sections, we have forecasted to successfully reinstate this area within two weeks from the demolition date. This area can be seen in the image below highlighted in BLUE.

Week commencing Sunday 29 March 2020

Section 2 - Dog Wash to Bakery - Practically Complete

Section 3 - Max Employment to The Royal Hotel - Final finishing works will complete this section in the early stages of this new week. We will be required to return to remove and replace the pedestrian ramp located on the corner, which remains in-situ to ensure pedestrian movement throughout construction. 

Section 4 - Encore Pilates to Advice Partners - With contractors completing demolition and earthworks, construction of the kerb and channel will occur at the beginning of this week. This will allow the subsequent concrete pours to occur prior to close of business on Friday evening.

Motorists and pedestrians are requested to travel with extreme care, to drive to the prevailing road conditions and to adhere to signage. Council apologises for any inconvenience caused and thanks you for your patience whilst works are in progress.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any facets of the project, please contact Council’s Infrastructure team by phone on 4189 9100 or email Council.  

Lamb St Murgon 25-03-20


Image – Plan of works

The Murgon CBD Footpath project has been funded by the Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland program and South Burnett Regional Council.

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