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Think before you flush…


South Burnett Regional Council would like to remind residents to please think before you flush! Human waste and toilet paper should be the only items being flushed down your toilet.

With recent toilet paper shortages, Council is seeing the use of wet wipes and tissues. Wet wipes are the main contributor to sewerage blockages. No form of wet wipe should be flushed, including baby wipes, facial wipes and cleaning wipes. Even if the packaging states the wipes are flushable, they do not break down in our sewerage system.

Unflushable items cause major blockages in our sewerage system and jam pumps when they get caught in our equipment at the Sewage Pump Stations.

The following items should be placed in your rubbish bins: ❌ Wet wipes ❌ Tissues ❌ Cotton buds ❌ Sanitary items ❌ Nappies ❌ Medication and needles

To help keep our community and pipes healthy, reduce blockages and overflows, Council is asking for the assistance of residents. Please flush responsibly.

For further information, please contact Council's Wastewater team on 4189 9100 or email Council.

Do not litter, toilet