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No cases of COVID-19 in the South Burnett


The South Burnett Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) has this morning received advice that there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) currently in the South Burnett region.

The LDMG is aware that there has been alleged failure by two people in the South Burnett to quarantine in accordance with the CHO directions for people re-entering Queensland from various parts of New South Wales and Victoria. There is a large volume of media coverage surrounding this situation and the matter will be dealt with by the appropriate authorities who have taken action.  All agencies part of the LDMG currently monitor COVID-19 and restrictions and the LDMG will meet again next week to continue its cooperative approach in maintaining community safety within the South Burnett Region.

Queensland Health wants everyone to know they can play their part to protect themselves and the more vulnerable in our community. Please follow the recommended advice from both the State and Federal Governments in regards to social distancing, public gatherings and general wellbeing.  For more information surrounding the public health directions, please visit or call 134 268.

Critically, make sure you are practicing good hygiene and staying home if you’re sick. Washing your hands properly and often is the gold standard of health advice that can help prevent viruses from entering your body.

Queensland Health is urging anyone who has been to a known COVID-19 hotspot in the last 14 days and has a fever or any respiratory symptoms to see a doctor immediately. Please call ahead to the GP surgery and let them know your symptoms and travel history, this will help them prepare for your arrival.

Council urges residents to remain calm and thanks them for their understanding. Please be alert, not alarmed.

Members of the community are encouraged to keep informed on the latest health advice at, phoning 13 HEALTH or visiting Council’s website COVID-19 page at or Council’s Facebook page for further information.