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Have your say – Kingaroy Heritage Museum Window Skins


The iconic Kingaroy Heritage Museum will soon undergo a signage upgrade thanks to funding received through Round 3 of the Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland (W4Q) program.

The project will see the upgrade of signage throughout the Kingaroy Information Art and Heritage Precinct including the outdoor interpretative area, which will give the precinct a new vibrant look.

Council invites the community to choose six images that will feature on the Kingaroy Heritage Museum windows (facing Haly street, across from the iconic Peanut Silos).

Mayor Brett Otto said, “The Kingaroy Heritage Museum carries the themes of Power, People and Peanuts. To compliment the peanut silos across the road, peanut farming has been chosen as the theme for the images.”

“Council is asking the community to vote for their favourite images with the six most popular photos being enlarged and turned into window skins,” he added.

A display board featuring 12 different peanut farming images from planting, harvesting to peanut stooks will be available to view at the Kingaroy Heritage Museum from Tuesday 21 July till Wednesday 29 July 2020 and the Kingaroy Library from 30 July to 6 August 2020. Interested residents are invited to call in and vote on their favourite image. If you are unable to visit these locations, you can comment/vote via email... check out the images below and list your six (6) favourite images in an email.

For further information regarding the project contact Council’s Property team on 4189 9100 or email.

Peanut Farms 1

1 - Peanut Farms 


Peanut Farms 2

2 - Peanut Farms

Peanut Planting

3 - Peanut Planting 

Peanut Harvesting

4 - Peanut Harvesting


Peanut Thrashing

5 - Peanut Thrashing


Peanut thrashing 1

6 - Peanut Thrashing

Peanut Stooks

7 - Peanut Stooks


Peanut Stooks 2

8 - Peanut Stooks


Peanut Silos

9 - Peanut Silos 


Peanut silos 210 - Peanut Silos


Silos take delivery

11 - Silos take delivery


Silo delivery

12 - Silos take delivery

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