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Council Brief - Wednesday 20 May 2020


South Burnett Regional Council Mayor Brett Otto is pleased to advise that a brief of Council’s General Meeting will be provided to the public at the conclusion of each meeting.

Mayor Otto explained, “To ensure the South Burnett community is updated with the latest news as it is discussed by Council, I will be providing a monthly Council Brief following each General meeting.”

“The brief will provide an overview of current Council decisions, and I urge community members to read both the agenda and minutes of each Council Meeting to ensure you are up to date on relevant information as it comes to hand,” Mayor Otto said.

The May Council Brief covers the below items:

Monthly Financial Report including Third Quarter Review of 2019/20 Operating and Capital Budgets

The Monthly Financial Report as at 30 April 2020, in conjunction with the third quarter review of Council’s 2019/2020 operating and capital budgets, were presented for information. In accordance with Section 204 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, the Monthly Financial Report including Capital Works, Road Maintenance Expenditure and Works for Queensland (W4Q3) as at 30 April 2020 were received and noted. In accordance with Section 170(3) of the Local Government Regulation 2012 the revised 2019/2020 operational and capital financial budgets were adopted.

Sundry Debtors Write-Off

Council resolved to approve a write-off to the value of $158,740.78 in outstanding debtor accounts comprising of: Sundry Debtors $35,423.16; Trade Waste $1,010.00; Property by Law Enforcement $3,407.29; and, Infringements $118,900.33.

Disposal of Assets Policy

Council adopted the Disposal of Assets Policy which establishes appropriate guidelines for the disposal of all Council owned assets considered to be surplus to requirement or otherwise redundant. This policy specifically excludes the sale of land for arrears of rates and charges or sale of services or the sale of any item detailed on Council’s register of Fees and charges and any of Council’s commercial operations (e.g. Visitor Information Centres, Tourist Parks).

Minutes of the Audit Advisory Committee Meeting held on Thursday 27 February 2020   

Council receive the minutes of the Audit Advisory Committee Meeting held on Thursday, 27 February 2020. It is the responsibility of the Committee to review and endorse the scoping document prior to the commencement of the annual valuation process of Council’s assets. It is also the Committee’s responsibility to review and endorse the results of asset valuation reports prior to approval by Council, after considering the assumptions that were used in preparing the valuation reports.

Special Budget Meeting Of Council   

Council’s Annual Budget is required to be adopted in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012, therefore it is necessary for Council to confirm the date, time and location of the Special Budget Meeting to ensure compliance. Council resolved that the Special Budget Meeting of Council be held on Wednesday 15 July 2020 in the Warren Truss Chamber, Glendon Street Kingaroy, commencing at 9.00am. The General Meeting will follow the conclusion of the Special Budget Meeting.

Media Relations Policy

The Local Government Act 2009 provides a regulatory framework for the adoption and enforcement of a Media Relations Policy. Council’s policies are regularly reviewed to deliver transparent, effective processes and good governance of, and by, local government. The draft Media Relations Policy report was discussed and adjourned for further consideration and to be re-presented to the July General Meeting.

Corporate and Community Plan Review

On 14 December 2011 Council adopted the South Burnett Community Plan 2032 – “Working together - for our future”. The plan was developed in line with legislative requirements at the time however Councils are no longer legislatively required to develop or maintain a Community Plan as part of Operational and Strategic Planning. Whilst the plan does not specifically link to Council's current strategic planning suite, Council still uses the plan as a reference. On 21 March 2018 Council adopted the Corporate Plan 2018/19 to 2022/23. The Corporate Plan outlines Council’s goals and strategies providing Council with the direction for the next five (5) financial years. Council resolved that a review of Council’s Corporate and Community Plans be undertaken in the 2020/2021 financial year.

Appointment of Directors to the Board of Directors of South Burnett Community Hospital Foundation Limited (SBCHF)

Council, as the sole member of the South Burnett Community Hospital Foundation Limited resolved at a Meeting on 17 April 2019 that “The Company modify its Constitution by deleting clause 4.1 (2) and inserting: The Council shall appoint 9 directors, 1 of whom must be an employee of the Council.” Nominations were called for the Director Positions. Council appointed the following people to the Board of the South Burnett Community Hospital Foundation:

  • Mr Wayne Kratzmann
  • Mrs Danita Potter
  • Ms Sheena Lindholm
  • Ms Helen Roth
  • Mrs Karyn Bjelke-Petersen
  • Mrs Kirstie Schumacher

Chief Executive Officer Mr Mark Pitt was previously appointed by Council to the Board as Council’s representative.

Alford Street Carpark

Council adopted the design for Alford Street carpark, based on community feedback received. The proposed project will include a new traffic configuration, designated people with disability and pram bays, rehabilitation of the pavement, future provision for electric vehicle charge stations, recreational vehicle and trailer parking bays, caravan dumping point and associated landscaping of the carpark to enable a visually pleasing, practical and convenient facility. 

Bridge Renewal Program  

Recently completed Level Two (2) and Level Three (3) bridge reports have identified that K.T Peters Bridge (located on River Road, Kingaroy) and Home Creek Loop Road Bridge have sustained significant decay and require remediation. Round Five of the Bridge Renewal Program is an opportune time to submit application, as it is a 50/50 federally funded scheme. Council endorsed the submission of K.T. Peters Bridge and Home Creek Loop Road Bridge for Round Five of the Bridge Renewal Program.

Portfolio Reports

Mayor Otto’s Social & Corporate Performance, People & Culture, Communications/Media, Finance and ICT Portfolio Report to Council was received for information.

Cr Jones' Roads & Drainage Portfolio Report to Council was received for information.

Cr Potter's Community, Arts, Heritage, Sport and Recreation Portfolio Report to Council was received for information.

Cr Henschen’s Rural Services, Natural Resource Management, Planning and Compliance Services Portfolio Report to Council was received for information.

Cr Frohloff’s Local Disaster Management, Water, Waste Water and Waste Management Portfolio Report to Council was received for information.

Cr Duff’s Rural Resilience, Parks & Gardens, Property & Facility Management and Indigenous Affairs Portfolio Report to Council was received for information.

Cr Schumacher’s Economic Development Portfolio Report to Council was received for information.

South Burnett Tourism Advisory Committee February 2020 Minutes

Council received the minutes of the South Burnett Tourism Advisory Committee’s meeting held on 10 February 2020 for information.

Delegated Authority Report

The Delegated Authority Report for the Application for a Negotiated decision notice for Material Change of Use at Cornish Street Kingaroy - Lot 7 CP864840 - MCU19/0016 was received for information.

Technology One

Following advice on proposed change in regards to Council Core Finance and Enterprise system Technology one to move from an on-site hosted to cloud based, Council delegated to the Chief Executive Officer to enter into a 3 year contract with Technology One to move to the SaaS/cloud based platform. Technology One is the current provider of Council core software.

Insurance Claim

Council accepted additional documentation, including a letter of demand and cost estimates associated with Assessment Number 21843-32000-000 and will provide such documentation to the Local Government Mutual Scheme (LGMS), to assess the claim submitted.

Please Note: Specific information and related documents can be found in both the agenda and minutes (once complete) of the General Meeting for Wednesday 20 May 2020.

Due to the current COVID-19 health directives, entry restrictions to Council meetings currently apply however, Council will live stream video and audio of the meeting. Please see Council’s website ‘Council Meetings’ to view the live stream.

As well as accessing a live stream of Council meetings, visitors will also be able to view future recorded (archived) meetings and follow links to meeting schedules, agendas and minutes via Council’s website ‘Council Meetings’ page. This will provide our community greater access to

Council decisions and debate, while eliminating barriers that may prevent the public from attending in person.

The live stream and archived videos are a free public service and should not be treated as an official record of Council meetings. For a copy of the official public record, please refer to the Meeting Minutes on our website.                                                                         

For further information regarding Council’s meetings, please contact Council’s Executive Services team via phone on 4189 9100 or email Council

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