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Rogers Drive Roundabout Final Stage


South Burnett Regional Council is pleased to advise that landscaping of the Rogers Drive and D’Aguilar Highway intersection has commenced.

The landscaping will complement the fully funded $1.8M Queensland Government’s Targeted Road Safety Programme (TRSP) roundabout project and will create a new and inspiring welcome to Kingaroy. 

Council has selected trees that have been previously planted in the region that demonstrate a high tolerance for the local conditions and compliment the area, refer to figure 1 – landscaping design.  The species selected include:

  • Tristaniaopisis Laurina - aka Water Gum    (Figure 2)
  • Buckinghamia Celsissima - aka Ivory Curl  (Figure 3)

The roundabout will contain shrubs and grass species selected in conjunction with DTMR.  These will include:

  • Dietes (Figure 4)
  • Tulbagia – aka Silver laced striped grass (Figure 5)
  • Eromophila Species – aka Emu Bush (Figure 6)
  • Helichrysum Oreiantalis – aka Native Daisy (Figure 7)
  • Lagerstroemia – aka Crepe Myrtle(Figure 8)

All stock is being planted with locally sourced, improved topsoil blend, fertilised and with a sufficient mulch topping around the surrounding base. Ongoing watering and care of the plant selection will be conducted over the coming months to allow establishment of the vegetation. The project will also utilise recycled “Class A” water from Council’s state of the art Nereda Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Council anticipates that these complimentary works will add a visual element to the area to enhance the inviting southern entrance to the town of Kingaroy.

Motorists and pedestrians are requested to travel with care and adhere to any signage whilst works are in progress. 

For further information contact Council’s Parks and Gardens team on 4189 9100 or email Council

Rogers Drive Roundabout



Rogers Drive Roundabout