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Animal Permits

Animal Permits

Council's Local Law and Subordinate Local Law 2 has provisions for the keeping of additional animals under certain circumstances.

To find out your property size and to determine the maximum number of animals you can keep on your property without prior approval please contact Council.

Additional animal approvals

The local law allows for additional animals to be kept in certain circumstances.

Applications are considered on a case by case basis and applications are required to be made prior to acquiring the animal. If an animal is acquired prior to an application and that application is declined, then you will be directed to remove the animal from the premises.

In the first instance, it is recommended that you contact Council to discuss your proposal and request the appropriate application form.

The application fee is not refundable if the application is declined.

Council will assess the application and conduct an inspection of the premises. Minimum standards and conditions for keeping of animals are applicable and outlined on the application form.

The applicant will be advised of the decision in writing.

Animal Breeder and Kennel/Cattery approvals

If you are breeding animals in a commercial manner you may be bound by Council's Planning Schemes.

When you need a permit

A breeder or show permit is required when:

  • Dogs or cats are kept for sale or showing; or
  • More than two dogs or three cats are kept for showing; or
  • More than two racing dogs (greyhounds or whippets) are kept; or

For Kennel/Cattery boarding kennels, a permit is required where:

  • A business provides a service to house cats/dogs for a fee; or
  • A business also undertakes breeding and/or showing

Council has a role in regulating kennels and catteries to ensure these activities are carried out in a safe and sanitary manner, whilst preventing nuisances to neighbours and the surrounding environment.

Property inspections will be required to ensure animals will be kept in accordance with the minimum standards described in Subordinate Local Law 2.

How to Apply

Applicants must complete the Animal breeder permit application below and submit it to Council by mail or at any Council customer service centre with the prescribed fee.

Applicants who are granted an animal breeder permit may also be eligible for a concession on their animal registration fees.

For more information on animal breeder permits, please contact Council's Compliance section on (07) 4189 9100.


​Refer to Council's fees and charges.

Visiting animals

Animals may visit the region providing that:

  • The number of animals on the property does not exceed that described
    in the local law 2
  • And no nuisance complaints are received

Any visiting dog/s must be registered with Council or another Local Government.


Cats and dogs being looked after by a temporary foster carer must be registered as per the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.

Council has resolved not to charge registration fees for these animals. Cats and dogs should be registered in the name of the organisation.

The number of cats and dogs kept on both a temporary and permanent basis at a foster carer's property must not exceed that described in the local law. Animals allowed by property size and location available here.

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