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Council Reopens Nanango Aerodrome with Reduced Runway Length

South Burnett Regional Council advises that the Nanango Aerodrome reopened on Thursday 21 February 2020. As of this date, RWY 05/23 at the Nanango Aerodrome reduced in length as a result of obstacles in the approach paths.

The following new declared distances now apply:

05(TKOF) 850 850 (5.4%) 850 850
23(TKOF) 850 850 (7.10%) 850 850

Physical Characteristics: MTOW 5700KG when dry. AD closed when wet.


Additional Information

1.Pilots to be familiar with aerodrome information advised on Council website and Facebook page, prior to operating into AD.

a. Runway length.

b. Approach and take-off gradients.

c. Applicable STODA

d. Hazards or works.

2.Bird hazard may exist, pilots to request hazard information by contacting council prior to operating into ALA.

WAC 3340

For all enquiries, please contact Council's Customer Service Centres on (07) 4189 9100.

South Burnett Airports provide everything the flying enthusiast or charter operator needs to visit this progressive regional area. It's close proximity to Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast means that the South Burnett's burgeoning commercial and tourism interests are just a short flight away.

For details about the services our airports offer, please see individual listings below. Each airport offers;

  • Uncontrolled, lightly trafficked airspace
  • Strategically placed in South-East Queensland
  • Easy access to capital city airport or aviation authorities
  • Direct access to industries suppliers and products
  • Ideal inland weather conditions (low rainfall, log fog, low humidity)
Aerodrome Address General Information Aviation Related Services
Nanango Aerodrome (ALA) Racecourse Road, Nanango
  • 2 km from Nanango
  • 200 km North-West from Brisbane
  • Grass Runway
Kingaroy Airport - YKRY Warren Truss Drive, Kingaroy
  • 4 km South of Kingaroy
  • 1600m bitumen sealed main runway
  • 1432m grass secondary runway
  • 225 km North-West from Brisbane
  • Located 55 km from the scenic Bunya Mountains
  • Available industrial land
  • Home of the Whitney Boomerang
  • Major gliding facility
  • NBD and Pilot Activated Lighting System
  • Accommodates up to and including EMBRAER 170/190 aircraft
  • Automatic aircraft refueling facility
Wondai Aerodrome Wondai Proston Road, Wondai
  • 6 km north of Wondai
  • 256 km North-West from Brisbane
  • Constructed grass runway
  • Gliding operations
  • Available industrial land
  • Pilot Activated Lighting System
  • Aircraft refueling available