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Waste Management Plan

Council formally adopted its Waste Management Plan 2015-2022 at the Council Meeting held in the month of May 2015.

This is the first waste management strategy developed since the new Council was created. This strategy has focused strongly on reviewing the mix of the inherited waste facilities and services. There are seventeen (17) current waste facilities.

There is a need to plan ahead to establish an appropriate waste facility network that will provide for the future waste disposal needs of the South Burnett. This Waste Strategy has been developed after an extensive review of the existing Waste Management situation as well as the regulatory environment in which the South Burnett Regional Council’s waste services exists. Council has proposed its preferred position for waste management into the future. This Strategic document has included provision to address the higher order waste hierarchy principles of Waste Avoidance, Waste Reduction and Reuse, while also concentrating on waste collection, treatment, resource recovery and disposal.

The concept of a Waste Hierarchy has been a guiding principle throughout this strategic waste planning exercise. This document also seeks to be viewed as the South Burnett Regional Council’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan in fulfilment of the statutory requirements of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011.

The Council’s vision is to progressively close minor landfills, many of which are already at or soon to reach capacity, and utilise transfer stations and transition to the larger regional landfills. Then ultimately one super landfill, whether locally or outside of our region, may service all of the South Burnett. Provision for some flexibility has been incorporated into the proposed waste management model in order to adopt any commercially viable alternative waste treatment technologies or innovations that may become available in the future.

Strategy Goals

The South Burnett Regional Council’s Waste Management Plan 2015-2022 culminates in the proposition of six (6) Strategy Goals, with various Action items, which provides the framework for realising the Council’s vision for Waste Management into the future within the South Burnett. The six (6) Strategy Goals are:

  1. Provide community waste education.
  2. Provide cost-effective, safe, environmentally responsible & efficient waste collection operations.
  3. Provide an appropriate network of waste transfer and disposal facilities.
  4. Provide responsible management of waste facilities
  5. Provide landfills to meet the regions long term waste disposal needs.
  6. Provide opportunities to reduce waste to landfill.

How do I obtain a copy of the Waste Management Plan 2015-2022?

A copy of the document can be obtained by visiting any of Council's Customer Contact Centres or South Burnett Waste Management Strategy (PDF) it via our website.