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Caravan and Camping Grounds Permits

Council regulates caravan parks and camping grounds to ensure that they comply with the Subordinate Local Law 1.6 (Operation of Camping Grounds) 2011 and Subordinate Local Law 1.8 (Operation of Caravan Park) 2011.

Council regulates these facilities in order that they are maintained in a clean and hygienic condition and they are providing appropriate facilities.  Compliance with Council’s requirements will assist you in providing a safe environment for your customers.

If you required specific information on an existing facility or are enquiring about setting a new one up please contact Council.

Who needs a permit?

Any business, entity or person operating a facility that provides a place where people can stay with a caravan or camping setup for a period of time for a fee or no payment. For example:

  • Caravan Park
  • Camping Ground
  • Temporary Home on Private Land – i.e. when a person is living on the property for a period of time for example whilst building a residential dwelling. See Temporary Home Application

Where no permit is required:

  • An unoccupied caravan lawfully parked on a road (not overstaying any stipulated time limit), holding yard or on the premises of the owner of the caravan
  • Camping on a residential allotment by a family group at the invitation of the resident
  • Camping of organisations including Scouts Australia, Guides Australia, Army/Navy/Air Force Cadets, Boys & Girls Brigade, sporting clubs or schools, on private property.

Other approvals

There are other permits which may be required by Council or other Government Authorities.  These may include:

  • Planning Approval (ie Approval for conducting the activity on the land)
  • Plumbing (ie approval for any plumbing fittings such as toilets)
  • Building (ie approval for any structure built on the land)
  • Qld Fire and Emergency Services (ie Fire Exits, Fire and Safety Equipment)
  • Qld Work Safe (ie storage of flammable & combustible liquids)

How to Apply

  1. Contact Council for the Caravan Park/Camping Ground Permit application form.
  2. Submit an application form and all relevant documents including:
    1. Plans
    2. Planning/Plumbing/Building Approvals
    3. Fees