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Kingaroy Town Revitalisation Project

Council has adopted a set of recommendations outlining the future scope of the Kingaroy Revitalisation Project. These recommendations have been devised to continue development of the project scope and design.

The actions are:

  1. Council to continue the preliminary design phase and schedule of quantities also extending the scope to include preliminary costings, taking into account feedback received during public consultation;
  2. Remove the Kingaroy Revitalisation project from its 2018/19 capital budget and place the $2 Million loan funds in a restricted cash reserve for the project; and
  3. Review the future funding and staging of the project upon completion of the preliminary design phase.

The Kingaroy Town Revitalisation Project will plan for the rehabilitation of Kingaroy CBD water mains, footpaths, roads, kerb and channel and stormwater infrastructure. Revitalising these assets will prolong their lifespan, reduce costs and risks associated with aging infrastructure.

“The decision to progress with some elements of the Kingaroy Revitalisation Project is the most responsible next step” said Mayor Keith Campbell. “We will continue to seek funding opportunities as and when they develop to minimise the cost to the community.”

“In the meantime, the project will continue to be designed and measured to provide transparency on the costs associated. Further community information sessions will be held once this has been finalised.”