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Mayor Keith Campbell

Cr Keith Campbell

ImageHaving lived his entire life in the South Burnett, Mayor Campbell has 17 years’ experience as a Councillor - 9 years with the former Kingaroy Shire Council and 8 years with the South Burnett Regional Council. Elected (unopposed) to represent Division 4 in the South Burnett Regional Council elections in 2008, Councillor Campbell subsequently successfully contested the 2012 Local Government elections. "In 2008, I was honoured to have been elected by my fellow Councillors to hold the office of Deputy Mayor, which I held until 2016, at which time I was successfully elected as Mayor of the South Burnett Regional Council" Mayor Campbell said.

Mayor Campbell spent his early life on a farming property in the Benair district and after leaving school developed a career initially in banking and then in agriculture, working as General Manager of the Bean Growers Australia Group of Companies for 40 years. After retiring from Bean Growers in 2005, Mayor Campbell wished to continue working with the community through Local Government and continue to be heavily involved with community organisations holding many executive positions with various community groups.

"My vision for the South Burnett is to preserve the diversity that individual communities represent by providing adequate essential services (roads, water, sewerage and waste disposal) and to ensure that community assets are adequate for the present and into the future. Further, my goal is to foster growth and development, building the South Burnett's reputation as an enjoyable liveable region catering for the needs of all residents" Mayor Campbell said.

Mayor Campbell is the portfolio representative for Economic Development and Corporate Performance.

Contact Mayor Campbell on 0439 708 553 /

Major Projects for Economic Development, Governance & Communications

  • Community Engagement / Communication strategy and framework
  • Develop and implement a Council organisational-wide communication strategy with supporting policy, procedures and tools by June 30
  • 100% Audit Plan activities completed as per schedule for 2015-16 as at June 30
  • Risk Register developed for Operational Plan 2015-16 by October 2015
  • Risk Register developed for Corporate Plan 2014-18 by December 2015

Portfolio Reports

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Declaration of Office

Mayor Keith Campbell taking the declaration of office of the South Burnett Regional Council.