Current Tenders 2017-18

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Closed Tenders

Tender No. Tender Details Application Package Closing Date
SBRCQ-17/18-22 Gardener for Ringsfield House and Bright Haven Units Lawns and Gardens Application Package 3.00pm Monday 20th November 2017
SBRC 17/18-07 Sale of Surplus Properties for the South Burnett Region Application Package 4pm Friday 17th November 2017
SBRC 17/18-08 Cleaning of Council Buildings/Facilities Kingaroy Application Package 4pm Friday 17th November 2017
Cleaning of Public Convieniences - Blackbutt and Nanango Areas Application Package 2.00pm
Tuesday 12 September 2017
SBRC 17/18-03 To lease and operate Ringsfield House, Nanango Application Package 3.00pm Wednesday 30th August 2017
SBRCQ-17/18-05 Call for Quotation for Caretaker Duties, Closing the Wondai and/or Murgon Waste Facilities Quotation Response Documentation 4.00pm Friday 1 September 2017
SBRC 17/18-04 Provision of Design Consultancy Services - Kingaroy Town Revitalisation Project

Preferred Supplier Arrangement

12 noon, Monday 25 September  2017
SBRC - 17/18-01

Bitumen Seal Tender - For Supply of Goods and Services for SBRC Seal Program.

Seal Pavement in various locations within SBRC Region.

12:00pm, Friday 15 September 2017 
SBRCQ 17/18-08 Provisions of Project Management Services - Trunk Infrastructure Upgrades Kingaroy 12:00noon, Friday 15 September 2017
SBRCQ-17/18-01 To Provide Management Services for the Blackbutt Swimming Pool Application Package 4.00pm Friday 11th August 2017
SBRC 17/18-05 Provision of Supervision of the Kingaroy Waste Facility Application Package 4.00pm, Friday 20 October 2017

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