Infrastructure Charges Infrastructure Charges

The Adopted Infrastructure Resolution was adopted by Council on 18 September 2013.

These charges replace the infrastructure contributions and headworks charges that were previously levied on new development and commence on 1 November 2013.

Please see the attached Priority Infrastructure Charges Resolution pdf.

Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI)

The Adopted Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) for residential development within historic subdivisions came into effect on Friday, 7th November 2014.

This TLPI provides controls for the construction of dwellings within historic subdivisions for up to 1 year or until such time as the South Burnett SPA Planning Scheme is adopted by Council.

Please see the attached Temporary Local Planning Instrument.pdf

Murgon Planning Scheme Murgon Planning Scheme



  • Table of Contents (58.1K)
  • Part 1  Introduction (130K)
  • Part 2  Shire Wide Outcomes (32.4K)
  • Part 3  Development Assessment Categories and Criteria
    • 3.1.1        Development Assessment Categories and Assessment Criteria (38K)
    • 3.2.1        Rural Locality Table (168K)
    • 3.2.2        Rural Locality Code (128k)
    • 3.3.1        Rural Residential Locality Table (106K)
    • 3.3.2        Rural Residential Locality Code (148K)
    • 3.4.1a      Residential Zone Table (89K)
    • 3.4.1b      Business and Commercial Zone Table (98K)
    • 3.4.1c      Industrial Zone Table (69K)
    • 3.4.1d      Parks and Open Space Zone (65K)
    • 3.4.2        Urban Locality Code (195K)
    • 3.5 - 3.8  SMOAs (195K)



  • Part 4 - Development Assessment Provisions
    • 4.1    Preliminary (18K)
    • 4.2    Dwelling House, Annexed Unit and Caretakers Residence (79K)
    • 4.3    Multiple Dwelling Unit and Accommodation Building (99K)
    • 4.4    Bed and Breakfast and Small Scale Tourist Facility (72K)
    • 4.5    Extractive Industry and Borrow Pit (73K)
    • 4.6    Home-based Business (44K)
    • 4.7    Child Care Centres (43K)
    • 4.8    Telecommunications Facilities (18K)
    • 4.9    Service Station and Car Washing Station (33K)
    • 4.10  Farming (83K)
    • 4.11  Animal Keeping and Intensive Animal Husbandry (88K)
    • 4.12  Forestry Business (58K)
  • Part 5 - Infrastructure Provisions   (46K)
  • Schedules
    • Schedule 1   Parking and On-Site Movement - Ratios, Design and Construction Standards (52K)
    • Schedule 2    Internal, Connecting and External Infrastructure - Design and Construction Standards (126K)
    • Schedule 3    Note of Designation of Land for Community Infrastructure (30K)
    • Schedule 4    Advertisement Devices (478K)
    • Schedule 5    Community or Recreational Use Class Listings (54K)
    • Schedule 6    Non-Indigenous Cultural Heritage Sites Listings (15K)
    • Schedule 7    Dictionary· Division 1 - Administrative (217K)
    • Schedule 8    Design Standards for Community Safety (19K)


  • Policies
    • PSP 1    Information Requests - General Assessment of Development Applications (76K)
    • PSP 2    Information Requests - Development Applications affected by a SMOA (20K) 
    • PSP 3    Requirements for Cultural Heritage Management (32K)
    • PSP 4    Management and Technical Criteria for Development in Potential Bushfire Risk Areas (27K)
    • PSP 5    Landscaping (45K)
    • PSP 6    Minor Quantities of Dangerous Goods (41K)
    • PSP 7    Infrastructure Provisions (142K)
    • PSP 8    Trails and Routes (16K)
    • PSP 9    Public Car Parking Contribution (15K)
  • Outline Maps
    • Outline Map 1  Nature Conservation, Scenic Landscapes and Environmental Management (244K)
    • Outline Map 2  Valuable Features and Land Use (262K)
    • Outline Map 3  Major Land Use and Infrastructure Relationships (267K)


  • Planning Scheme Policy (PSP) Maps
    • PSP7-3-1    Existing and Future Water Supply Trunk Infrastructure (85K)
    • PSP7-4-1    Existing and Future Sewerage Trunk Infrastructure (80K)
    • PSP7-5-1A  Existing and Future Parks Infrastructure in Murgon (79K)
    • PSP8            Shire Trails and Routes (273K)
  • Schedule Maps
  • Special Management Overlay Area (SMOA) Maps
    • SMOA Map 2A      Mineral and Extractive Resources and Buffer Areas (454K)
    • SMOA Map 2B      Natural Hazard Risk Management Areas (421K)
    • SMOA Map 2C      Environmental Management Areas (925K)
    • SMOA Map 2D      Economic Resources (417K)
    • SMOA Map 2D(i)  Buffer Areas for Intensive Animal Husbandry and Industrial Zoned Land (473K)
    • SMOA Map 2E       Community Facility (Major Utilities) (433K)
    • SMOA Map 2F       Non-Indigenous Cultural Heritage Sites (358K)
  • Zoning Maps