If you would like to operate a Water Carrier Business within South Burnett Regional Council area you will need to apply for a Food Business Licence before fitting out the vehicle and operating. The following information will provide a step by step process for how to obtain an approval for Water Carrier Licence:

Step 1 Pre-lodgment meeting

  • Contact one of Council’s Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) to discuss your proposed business.
  • Ensuring there are no additional approvals required like Planning, Building & Plumbing
  • Ensuring you have all correct information when you do lodge your Food Business Licence Application.

Step 2 Assessing your Application

This is done in two parts with a structural design assessment and then a Food Business Licence Assessment

  • Structural Design Assessment

    • This assessment is when the design plans are assessed to ensure they comply with the Food Safety Standards and Food Act 2006.
    • This process generally takes up to 14 - 20 days.
    • A Structural Design Approval document will be issued with the required specifications on what the licensed area is to be fitted out to comply.
    • If there is insufficient information or design detail on the plans an Information Notice may be issued.
  • Food Business Licence Assessment

    • This assessment is the final part of your Licence Application, which can take 30 days to assess.
    • The process includes assessing the Licensee is suitable to hold a Food Business Licence and a final inspection of the premise is conducted.
    • The final inspection of the premise is undertaken to ensure that the licensed area complies with the original structural design approval and that all other approvals have been signed off including but not limited to Planning, Building, & Plumbing.
    • Before you can start Operating an Information Notice with a Decision about your Application along with a Food Business Licence is to be issued.

Step 3 Decision

  • Information Notice with a Decision is issued
  • Food Business Licence is Issued
  • If the premise is not ready or there problems that occur along the way with assessment or final inspections an Extension can be granted in accordance with the Act.

Step 4 Renewal & Inspections


  • Each year you will be sent out a Food Business Renewal Form & Invoice for the next 12mth licence period, sixty (60) days prior to your expiry date.
  • Your licence will expire at the anniversary of your first approval date.
  • This fee includes your 12 month licence and annual inspections of your business.
  • If you do not complete your renewal form and pay the required funds by the expiry date your licence will be cancelled.
  • If you operate after an expiry date without a Current Food Business Licence you are deemed to be operating illegally and Compliance Action will be undertaken.


  • Inspections are carried out by Council Environmental Health Officers and authorised contractors throughout the year.
  • You will generally be inspected at least once a year but often twice or more.
  • If you have regular non-compliance inspections you may be charged for these additional inspections.
  • You are not permitted to refuse an Authorised Officer to enter your premise. An EHO can enter the Licensed Food Premise at any time during normal operating hours as per your Licence Conditions.

Food Safety Supervisor

  • It is a requirement in Queensland that all Licensable Food businesses have a nominated Food Safety Supervisor.You can nominate this person when you make your license application.
  • You must provide certification of your Food Safety Supervisor within 30 days of being issued a Food Business Licence.

Water Supply

The Food Safety Standards Requires a Food Business to be supplied with Potable Water for both cleaning and food contact.; If the mobile food vehicle is not to be supplied with Council Reticulated Water via direct host to the taps inside, you will need to provide evidence of how the water is treated and undergo water certified water testing as per your licence conditions.

Private Water Supply and Treatment Process

If a Domestic Water Carrier has a private water supply and/or treatment plant, other than water from a Council approved stand pipe containing approved reticulated water, for drinking purposes and charge for the service, you are required to comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and provide a Drinking Water Quality Management Plan.

Drinking Water Quality Management Plan is a risk base plan to manage any unacceptable residual risks identified by the hazard/risk assessment; this will outline the identified additional actions / management measures required in the interim, short-term and long-term.

Water Testing

Water, other than an approved Council treated source, must be tested and comply with the allowable limits of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2004.

Tests include:

  • Microbiological analysis sample from the source
  • Standard water analysis sample from the source
  • Heavy metal and pesticide analysis sample from the source
  • Microbiological analysis sample in situ from the water tanker.

Water obtained from an approved Council treated source must be tested from the water carrier tanker and comply with the guidelines of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2004.

These analyses are required before a licence is issued and at a 6-month interval.

Fees for inspection and testing are charged in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule. Alternatively, operators can outsource the sampling and testing function. Proof of sample point, undertaken by an independent 3rd party entity, suitably qualified to take the sample, continuality of custody and security of samples, as well as the results being from an N.A.T.A. (National Association of Testing Authorities),  registered laboratory for the required tests and these results must be substantiated by an independent third party.

Other Approvals

You may also need to check that you have other approvals either with the council or through Private Certification.  Some areas to check may include Planning, Plumbing and Building. 

NOTE: Council will not issue a Food Business Licence until you have complied with all other required approvals.

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