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Nanango - Interrtuption due to maintenance



Wastewater Capital Project Wastewater Capital Project


Kingaroy Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade


Hodges Road, Kingaroy

Estimated Cost:

$26 million including $10 million in grants from the State Government under the Royalties for Regions program

Project Description:

Design and construction of a new Nereda® bioreactor and aerobic digestion including biological nutrient removal and recycled water facility.

Benefits of Project:

Aquatec Maxcon has been awarded contract for Kingaroy’s new Nereda® Wastewater Treatment Plant. This Australian first technology is hailed as a cost-effective, sustainable and simple solution for sanitation. It offers vastly improved wastewater treatment capabilities for a significantly lower investment and reduced running costs. The upgrade includes increased capacity to allow for future development of Kingaroy. The main benefits of this new innovative technology include:

  • Improved water quality being discharge to the Stuart River Catchment
  • Improved safety standards for operators
  • Improved separate disposal facility for whole of shire
  • Class A treated water to be available for irrigation of local sporting fields and golf club
  • Significant local employment and business demand created during construction


On ground works are planned to commence in January 2015, with completion of the project planned for late 2016.


Existing Kingaroy Wastewater Treatment Plant Signing of Contract

Water Capital Projects Water Capital Projects



Gordonbrook Water Treatment Facility Upgrade


Gordonbrook Dam, Memerambi Gordonbrook Road

Estimated Cost:

$10 Million including $680,000 in grants from the State Government under LGGSPIS

Project Description:

Supply and Installation of Dissolved Air Flotation over Filters (DAFF), Lamella Plate Clarifier, PAC Contact tank, upgrades to the Clear Water Pumping Facility and integration works and new control sand operations buildings. The plant will also have an increased capacity of 135L/s.

Benefits of Project:

Aquatec Maxcon was awarded the tender for the design and construction of the Gordonbrook Water Treatment Plant in October 2014. Project benefits of the new water treatment plant include:

  • Improved potable water quality provided to customers
  • Increased automation and reduced operational hours
  • Significant local employment and business demand created during construction
  • Increased capacity to allow for future development of Kingaroy


On ground works are planned to begin in January 2015, with completion of the project planned for mid 2016.


Existing Gordonbrook Water Treatment Plant



Customer Service Standards

The purpose of the Customer Service Standards (CSS) document is to describe South Burnett Regional Council’s water and wastewater customer services and standards in accordance with the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2014.

Council’s CSS document provides:

  • an explanation of the services offered for drinking water, wastewater collection and treatment. General information is also provided about the provision of trade waste services; however trade waste customers are expected to have individual contracts with Council that will contain information specific to their requirements
  • information on a range of customer service processes including connections, metering, billing managing maintenance work, complaints and dispute resolution
  • a list of key performance indicators and targets to express the level of service Council aims to deliver to its customers and the environment. This includes standards for drinking water quality, water pressure, water supply interruptions, wastewater overflows and odours, response times and repair completion times.

This document also sets out our shared rights and responsibilities.

Overall, the Customer Service Standards inform customers of the service that they can expect to receive from South Burnett Regional Council, and the obligations of customers in relation to their use of the water and wastewater systems. The document is available to all customers. It applies to all customers who do not have a specific or individual contract with Council for supply of water and wastewater services.